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 Of course, if Apple zapped all of the Windows CC applications, Microsoft would take it  as a shot across the bow and shut down Office for Mac.
 I'm sure that people who are sitting in front of consoles prefer consoles. That said, you're not always sitting in front of an 80" screen, are you?
Maybe if they bond the screen to the glass that will get rid of the slightly hollow sound you get when tapping on the newer devices.
 You did see the part about lengths up to 100m, right?
 Actually, they've punted on this again and again and again. Instead of telling developers to dynamically resize layouts and assets, they've done the "retina" pixel-doubling dance on the iPhone, the iPad, and the MacBook Pro. Apple needs to take a deep breath and tell its WWDC attendees, 'THIS is the year of resolution independence. Do it now, update your apps this one time, and you'll be good on all Apple devices and screens going forward."
Phil, it's not a true alias in the tradition sense of the word. You create the "alias" on the fly and you can have as many of them as you wish.   Google will ignore anything after the plus and before the at sign, so you can make up anything you want when you're entering an email on a site.    myemail+spam@gmail.com myemail+junk@gmail.com myemail+lists@gmail.com myemail+work@gmail.com myemail+twitter@gmail.com
A semi-easy way to do the same thing with gmail is to use their plus sign system. If your email address is myemail@gmail.com, you can give one site an email address like myemail amazon@gmail.com and another myemail iffy@gmail.com. All of them are aliases to the same account. If the "iffy" account starts sending spam, you can setup a gmail filter to zap it.
 And again, how is it baffling that other people might have other needs, wants, and desires? No one is saying that Apple should take their one and only iPhone and make it into an iNote. But Apple could design a newer, larger phone and sell it in addition to the current size, just as they did with the iPod nano, shuffle, mini, classic, and touch. Each found its own niche and set of users, and no one with a nano was going around telling classic owners that a device with that...
Once again, a bunch of people post about how they use their phones, while at the same time extrapolating that usage out to the point where they automatically assume that everyone else uses it in exactly the same way, and for the same reasons.   One comment above makes that claim that a larger screen is "easier on the eyes". (Albeit a bit tongue-in-cheek.)   Regardless, I don't want a bigger phone in order to make the text size bigger, I want a bigger phone in order to...
 Cute, and misses the point. Obviously different people have different wants and needs, otherwise there wouldn't be an iPhone, iPad mini, and iPad Air. We'd still just have an iPhone. As such, Apple needs to have a smaller iPhone, a larger iPhone, and various sizes of tablets, just like they had iPod nanos, minis, Classics, and the Touch. 
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