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Want a bigger phone? Yes, a 5" iPhone would be great, but why not go whole hog and add FULL cellular capabilities to the iPad mini? Talk about a "phablet!"
 You have a point in that people are in fact paying to buy iPhones. Frood, however, does have a point, in that while many people are buying phones with upgrades, many (including me) think Apple is overcharging for storage. That doesn't stop us from buying, but it doesn't make us all that happy with Apple, either. Apple should drop the upgrade price, because $100-$200 over the base price of the phone is more than a little ridiculous. You can buy a name brand 64GB SD card,...
 Ah, no. Did you see this from another article? "Wireless customers who bring their own device, buy a handset without a subsidy, or have their current contract expire will see their monthly data share bill drop by an average of $15 per month, AT&T announced on Thursday." They're dropping current prices, then adding a 24-month payment plan on top for subsidized phones. Obviously the scheme is a win for AT&T, but it's not the total ripoff you make it out to be.
The App store really needs to support upgrade pricing.
There will probably be a lot of places that simply won't accept it. Even now, many establishments want to see the card in order to verify that the embossed numbers match those on the mag stripe.   Too many criminal types already use a card reader/writer to put fraudulent numbers on an existing card.
"A keyboard cover would probably sell very well, but I think it would damage Apple's image and vision for the iPad more than it would be worth." Don't see why. Lot's of people have bought covers from Logitech and others in order to do heavier typing, writing, etc.. The difference is that the iPad is useful without the keyboard, which can easily be removed when it's not needed. The Surface? Not so much.
Agree with pedromartins. Need an A7x with at least 2GB in the next iPad. Apple needs to future proof its devices.
So... Samsung interviewed hundreds of people standing in line for the new iPhone as to why they were there... and their takeaway was that Samsung needed to produce a gold plastic phone.   Right.
Probably adds support for WiFi Direct streaming and AirDrop, without either end having to drop the existing WiFi network connection.
Seems clunky to me. Get out your lens, turn it on, get out your camera, start it up, find and run the dedicated app, and then you're ready to take a photo of that precious moment in time... that happened two minutes ago.
New Posts  All Forums: