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 You can turn off the Predictive auto-suggest panel in Settings > General > Keyboard.
Apple needs to allow developers to downgrade phones to previous versions of iOS for testing purposes.
I'm waiting for a killer iPhone that has rounded edge sapphire glass front and back, joined with an iPhone 4'ish Liquid Metal band around the edges!   Basically scratch proof front, back, and sides.   Rumor mills take note.
 There's a plus, and that's that the bands are on the top/bottom edges and corners, which in turn means that you're less likely to scratch the aluminum back.
 I don't think the phone sends anyone anything until the secure enclave is unlocked via Touch ID. Hence "drive by" scanners are a non-issue.
 It's back up 2.5% today. Hit bottom and already rising as analysts begin to figure out what the article recognizes.
One might note that PayPal gets a significant percentage of each transaction, thus they make a lot more money than someone who's simply acting as an intermediary.   Secondly, while I agree that various signs point to Apple getting into mobile payments, it's also possible that the "inked" "card present" deals with AMEX and Visa could simply pertain to lower transaction fees for iTunes and AppStore purchases. Nothing more, nothing less.
F.A.B. Scott
IOW, Apple has released some updates for their Pro apps... that they haven't yet decided to discontinue.
Apple should bump it up to 2GB. Larger screens mean that the phone is going to be more and more for browsing web sites, news sites, pulling in more data from Facebook, etc.. Not to mention that, just once, I'd like to see Apple work on future-proofing a device.
New Posts  All Forums: