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My thoughts on the new reversible, USB 3.0 compatible, not quite-yet Thunderbolt, non-MagSafe cable... http://www.isights.org/2012/09/inside-the-iphone-5-smart-cable.html
It's the $10 a month app store gift card that interests me. Is Amazon subsidizing Android app development for the Kindle FIre?   http://www.isights.org/2012/09/amazon-new-fire-under-android-developers.html
  Flimsy? If they're doing what I think they're doing, it won't be flimsy. See "structural" in my previous post.
  It lets them make the battery taller, almost to the very top of the phone. It also places the jack at the bottom of the phone, near the new plug, which will come in handy with the 30-pin accessory adaptor (both from an electronic and structural standpoint). 
  They do. And that's why they're still selling the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. The easiest way to build upon economies of scale is to keep building a lot more of what you already know how to build...
  Again, tell that to the shuffle, nano, mini, and iPod. And to the 11", 13", 15" and (formerly) 17" MBP. And to the 21" and 27" iMac.   The point being that they WILL build to hit a niche if they believe it's wanted and if they believe they can build a quality product that fills that need.
  By that logic, they never should have offered an iPod mini, nano, or shuffle in place of the iPod . Or an Air, or 13" MBP in place of the 15" MBP. All sacrificed usability and functionality upon the alter of size and portability. But. For some people -- probably not you -- the increase in portability and the decrease in size and weight made one of those devices a better choice for them.   Plenty of other people have stated that they'd like one. And the 7" form factor is...
  Part of the Anadtech reasoning was that the wavelength for NFC works out to be 22 meters, which means that the "optimum" antenna design would be an 11 meter dipole, hence there's no room for a tightly coiled antenna in the window space provided. My point was that, given the transmission distances involved (a couple of inches, as you state) I'm not entirely sure that you need the optimum design.
  That's probably another reason why Apple made the phone taller, but not significantly wider (like the Note).   And part of the tablet issue is that it looks stupid holding one up to your ear. You'd need a headset or a dick tracy watch with mic/speaker. All that said, I remember a day when lots of people wandered around with a Day Planner or Filofax in their hands. Walking around with, say, a 7" tablet isn't that far removed.   What we REALLY need, IMHO, is a way to own...
  If you keep in a purse, a phone perhaps an inch taller isn't going to make much difference. And all of the assumes you're not one of those people whose phone has already been permanently welded to their hands.   One might also point out that in the case of NFC, we're replacing a credit card that is almost certainly stored in a wallet and in a pocket or purse. Unlike the aforementioned phone that's probably already at hand...
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