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Forget that, what will they call 10.10? OS X2?
The biggest issue I have with the Belkin dock using an existing cable is that the current Lightning connectors are all friction-fit with that little snap/click when they're seated.   As such, it would seem to me that you're going to have to hold the thing down fairly hard when trying to remove the phone from the dock. Given the addition of the phono port, it would also seem that it's pretty dependent on the current phone's dimensions and placement of the jack.
    Many analysts -- and consumers -- believe that Apple could have further tromped the competition by hitting a $299 price point. $329, for whatever reason, manages to cross a rather huge line in the sand, perception-wise. The price isn't two-something, it's THREE-something. And it's three-something when other 7" devices by Google and Amazon are selling for $249 and even $199. (e.g. ONE-something)
  Yep. According to sources, BOM has been steadily going down year-over-year, but prices have remained constant. Especially the "upgrade" prices that charge $100 for 8GB of Flash RAM. Or $130 more just to add a cellular radio.
When the original iPad was released, the market was stunned by its highly aggressive price point. Prior to its introduction, watchers were afraid it might be over a thousand dollars. Then we thought Apple would shave their margins and manage to hit $800. But when Steve showed us a starting price point of $499, our jaws dropped. Executives at competing companies fainted outright. This was not that day. Read: The Bean Counters Are Back In Charge At...
It's obvious that the bean-counters are back in charge at Apple. Back in the day, John Scully, John Louis Gassee, and others continually maintained that consumers would gladly pay a premium to own Apple computers. This despite the fact that Microsoft Windows-based PCs had, in many cases, already surpassed the capabilities of Apple's aging Macintosh lineup. And at far cheaper price points.   Fast forward to today, where Phil Schiller is publicly defending the iPad...
  Seriously? You realize that most of these books already flow text dynamically based on font size, correct? It's not like they're PDF's...
  Yeah, that's going to be hard to judge. The iPad mini will, of course, cannibalize some sales of the full size pad. But you're just got to wonder how many people who already have an iPad are ALSO going to buy a mini?   And while you're at it, how many of those people will keep the mini? Or sell their full size iPad if they decide the smaller version better suits their purposes.   Heck, for all we know, the smaller version could cannibalize sales of 4 out of 5 full size...
If a device is "too thin" to support needed functionality, then make the darn thing thicker. Which would let them stick a slightly larger battery while they're at it.
  Ummm... you know you can already toggle full-screen mode in iBooks, right? (Font Icon > Theme > Full Screen Mode)
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