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  You mean, other than this photo appearing after I made my previous comments, and pretty much validating everything that I claimed? (grin)
  Actually, there are quite a few that offer very little back support. But even with the ones that do offer support, a strong connector is still needed as that's the "lock" that prevents the phone from pivoting off the dock.   BTW, did you happen to notice how well this 8/9-pin connector fits in with our previous conversation?
  It's not MagSafe. The connector has two little dimples on the sides that distinctly "click" into place when the cable is inserted and seated. (Little spring-loaded ball bearings in the female half of the connector snap into the dimples.) The "click" feedback is another nice little Apple UX touch.
I can't claim anything.
  As has been indicated several times, it appears that there are 8 "pins", plus the connector plug itself, for a total of 9.    And nope, it will still support high-speed data. Not everyone, just for one example, is signed up for iTunes match.
  As with the rest, you'll see on the 12th.   What I find to be really interesting is that the design is what USB3 should have been in the first place...
  I say again my last. The "future" is wireless. The future is data only. That's where "future growth" comes from. And for high speed sync or otherwise, anything -- video, audio, you name it -- can be streamed via USB 3.0 as data. No analog anything.   And as to "no consideration", I say again what I've said above at least twice. It would be extremely simple to wrap the connector shell around what would be the equivalent of a double-sided circuit board, in which the "pin"...
  Well, again there are two things. Apple will switch to a new docking port for new and future iDevices. (8/9 pin) And Apple will provide a new dock/phono plug to 30-pin adaptor (similar to that shown above) so new iDevices with the new port can still be used with existing docks, speakers, and so on.   Sorry if I wasn't clear.
  Well, yes and no. You still have to move all of the iDevices over to the new dock, and there's another transition period there. The new iPhone is first. I suspect most of the "fall" iPod line will make the leap. The 7" iPad. Then next spring for the new new 10" iPad to make the jump.   So by spring/summer of next year, all of the iDevices will have jumped. By the same time the following year, nearly all of the current user base will have jumped and everyone will be...
  Well, think about it. Either Apple is going to transition to a new port, or they're not. If they do, there's going to be a transition period, so the question then becomes, how long?   I say 18 months or less. Long enough for pretty much the entire current base to transition to the next iPhone, or next year's, depending on their contract cycle.    Which in turn means that Apple has to only maintain the "adaptor" dock/plug configuration for this phone and the next, plus...
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