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  How about because they can do a better industrial design than Micro-USB? How about because Micro-USB isn't reversible?   More to the point, because Micro-USB is a 2.0 USB standard....
  Well, you could tell us about how much you hate making an appointment to get your Dell or HP repaired... Or would that story be more like waiting on hold for 30 minutes to talk to "Fred" in India, who eventually will give you an RMA number so you can ship your computer away for four weeks?   I think a little perspective is in order.
I've read elsewhere that quite a few people think NFC is a gimmick. There are, however, millions of people in Japan that would tend to disagree... 
  And to support adaptors for the new docking port.
  If you think about how the current design works, the internal female connectors have to extend past the length of the shield, making the current part take up pretty much the same depth, while being about 65%-70% wider.    With the new part, the connection "pins" are on the side, which means that they don't have to extend deeper into the device, which means that the port won't be any deeper than it already is now. Also keep in mind that they moved the audio plug to the...
  USB 2.0 is backwards compatible with USB 3.0...   ...and "some" are saying that a new, high-speed interconnect cable will boost the accessories market like nothing else. (grin)
  You mean, other than this photo appearing after I made my previous comments, and pretty much validating everything that I claimed? (grin)
  Actually, there are quite a few that offer very little back support. But even with the ones that do offer support, a strong connector is still needed as that's the "lock" that prevents the phone from pivoting off the dock.   BTW, did you happen to notice how well this 8/9-pin connector fits in with our previous conversation?
  It's not MagSafe. The connector has two little dimples on the sides that distinctly "click" into place when the cable is inserted and seated. (Little spring-loaded ball bearings in the female half of the connector snap into the dimples.) The "click" feedback is another nice little Apple UX touch.
I can't claim anything.
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