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  You're taking a portion of his quote out of context. Put back the "It's where the money, excitement, consumer interest, developer interest, corporate interest, education interest is, etc."   I also think you're being pretty shortsighted. Even today, we have desktops in spite of having notebooks. We have workstations more powerful than desktops. Servers more powerful than workstations. Mainframes more powerful than servers. Supercomputers that wipe the floor with all of...
  Apple could hold an "informal" event for the iPad mini and could possibly even announce a minor iPad upgrade with Lightning. Some new educational offerings as well?   Truth be told, however, iPad is getting mature enough that minor speed and feature bumps could be folded into the Apple store, much like mid-series bumps in the MacBook Pro line no longer deserve or require press events.
Hey Apple, I'm one of the many people who use an iPhone dock on my nightstand. I don't use (or want) a clock radio or speakers, just a dock. And please note that your Lightning to 30-pin adaptor won't due the trick either...
  You're complaining about errors in Apple's massive undertaking... and you can't even get an eight-word sentence grammatically correct? (grin)
  We've been told that Lightning is a digital-only cable and protocol. Any conversion to, say, line-out audio for a speaker, would happen in the cable or adaptor. The best example of this is the 30-pin adaptor which a D/AC chip in it in order to get the audio line out from the data stream.
Next time someone needs to ask the followup question, "Is it true that you refused to license turn-by-turn and other advanced mapping features to Apple?"
One other thing I've not really seen mentioned, is that the Lightning port can also function as a USB host, not just as a client. This -- with the proper adaptor -- would allow cameras and other peripherals to be connected to an iPhone or iPad.
  Actually, if you were to look back over the comments, you'll note that I continually maintained that the cable would be chipped to support higher speeds and updates to protocols. (True.) I said that the plug was data only. (True.) I also said one approach to making the connector reversible was mirroring the pin-outs, which, apparently, they did for the power line, if not for the entire plug. Speaking of reversible...   'Nuff said.     First, you'll also note that video...
This issue may have bee forced on Apple by Google, but that doesn't change the fact that Apple decided to release a product (Maps) that wasn't ready for prime time. Like Siri, however, Apple had an annual product schedule to meet, and it was either ship it now or wait another year. See: Hate Maps? Blame Apple's Shrink Wrap Product Cycles http://www.isights.org/2012/09/apples-shrink-wrapped-product-cycles.html
  This is going to be Apple's major dilemma, I think. Build enough of them early enough to meet demand, and they're going to be leaked. Announce earlier, and you give competitors time to jump in and steal some of your thunder.
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