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Personally, I'm getting tired of this. So, yes, we're going to have a mini, and yes, it's going to be "retina", and yes, Apple is going to do the same copout move by simply doubling pixels.   Hey, I've got a crazy idea. How about teaching your developers how to do resolution independence?
  Wait? What? iPad apps are iPad apps, and we already have Retina iPads... with existing apps... that already use larger images and graphics. Thus a app for a "retina" iPad mini won't take up any more space that the same app downloaded to a non-retina mini.   You're not making any sense.
  Look at Windows 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and then finally 3.1. Look at how the initial sales of the Xbox fell flat, and only recently has been considered a major platform.   Microsoft has pockets deep enough to spend their way into a market, should they decide to do so. They have to keep pushing though, and not simply Zune-out after a few disappointing quarters...
  Unfortunately, Microsoft still has a huge war chest, while RIM's cupboards are looking pretty bare. It's entirely possible that MS could spend their way into acceptance, even if we have to wait for WP9 or WP10.   Agreed that there's still room for a third. Nice analysis.
Boycott Samsung! I, for one, will sell all of my Samsung gear and buy Apple! How dare Samsung use child labor in terrible conditions, working for slave wages! And so forth, and so on. Just reiterates the fact that ALL of our gear is produced that way, be it Samsung, Apple, or anyone else...
  If the vast majority of Android users are using their devices primarily as phones, then that doesn't bode all that well for the platform, now does it?
Forget that, what will they call 10.10? OS X2?
The biggest issue I have with the Belkin dock using an existing cable is that the current Lightning connectors are all friction-fit with that little snap/click when they're seated.   As such, it would seem to me that you're going to have to hold the thing down fairly hard when trying to remove the phone from the dock. Given the addition of the phono port, it would also seem that it's pretty dependent on the current phone's dimensions and placement of the jack.
    Many analysts -- and consumers -- believe that Apple could have further tromped the competition by hitting a $299 price point. $329, for whatever reason, manages to cross a rather huge line in the sand, perception-wise. The price isn't two-something, it's THREE-something. And it's three-something when other 7" devices by Google and Amazon are selling for $249 and even $199. (e.g. ONE-something)
  Yep. According to sources, BOM has been steadily going down year-over-year, but prices have remained constant. Especially the "upgrade" prices that charge $100 for 8GB of Flash RAM. Or $130 more just to add a cellular radio.
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