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  No, I don't think 2.0 will suffice, that's why I mentioned USB 3.0, the standard implementation of which uses 9-pins. However, with Apple doing a custom plug, I doubt their implementation will be standard. And I don't doubt their implementation will be sophisticated. I merely stated that you don't needs tons of "sophisticated" circuitry to do a reversible 8-pin (plus ground) connector.
  You're not thinking again. This kind of connector is a transition device. Nothing more, nothing less. Apple probably knows within a week just how often people transition docks and speakers and other accessories (18 months), and an adaptor like this one gets them over that hump, after which people will simply byte the bullet and upgrade the rest of their gear.
  Complex and sophisticated? On an 8-pin connector? Hell, you can run USB 2.0 on 4 wires, which means if the connectors are solid and pass through I could make it reversible just by mirroring the lines on both halves (12344321) on both sides. If they DON'T pass through, then a simple double-sided circuit board type of layout means I could run 12345678 on one side and 87654321 on the other. No "sophisticated and complex circuitry" needed whatsoever.   Come on people,...
  Because they're Apple? They'll make it reversible for the same reason they made MagSafe reversible. Because to do otherwise is to have millions of people fumbling first one way, then another trying to plug in their iPhone or iPad. Remember, most people use cables, not docks.
  Like I said above, the new 8-pin docking port connector WILL be reversible. The 8-pin to 30-pin adaptor, however, will not be reversible, because it will also use the audio jack plug to deliver the proper audio and digital connections to older 30-pin plugs.
  The new docking port will probably be reversible. The 8-pin to 30-pin ADAPTOR, however, probably will not be, as I suspect it will use the audio plug connections to support the current audio, microphone, and control pins on the older 30-pin jack.
Tell Tim Cook to fire Browett. Seriously. tcook@apple.com  
  No, no, no. It's the Google Nexus 7. Once that starts shipping in quantity, Apple will be in real trouble... (grin)
  Next thing you know, you're going to want me to tell you about the time when all of the phones had wires. Go look it up on your iPad.
  What's sad is up until Android 4.1, those phones REQUIRED those things in order to get the same smooth UI that Apple produced in the original iPhone.
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