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You didn't see the 'by that logic' part, apparently.  The 'born that way' thing. If they are born that way, it must be right and good.  It actually does hurt us all.  Righteousness exalts a nation.
That's absolutely true.  If you are a Jew in Palestine in B.C. years. 
By that logic, some people are born thieves and some people are born pedophiles.  Maybe we shouldn't discriminate against them.
To love someone doesn't mean you have to agree with them.  A mom and pop cake shop in AZ shouldn't have to make wedding cakes for 2 women who want to get 'married.'  But they can still love the women as people.
I wasn't talking about biology or Catholocism.  I said, "What if our creator made us male and female for a reason?" Sex and gender are exactly the same.
But what if our creator actually made us male and female for a reason?  And marriage, too.
We need laws that allow business owners to have values.  Even if some don't like them.
Everyone should have the right to discriminate between right and wrong.
People buy the iPhone for iOS and the iPhone build quality.   We are limited to a 4" screen because that is the only thing that Apple offers.   To make this comparison to Android phones based on screen size is silly.  What it says is that, given the option, most people prefer a bigger screen.   What this tells us is that Apple is behind the curve.  There are a few supply-chain-based rumors on here already claiming a big-screen iPhone is in the works for next...
New Posts  All Forums: