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If I buy a washing machine......they pretty much all look the same.   If I buy a TV.........they pretty much all look the same......a black rectangle, but with a different company logo on it.   Smartphones all pretty much look the same, since they're almost all screen.  GPS units pretty much all look the same, and you don't see lawsuits among them.   A tablet is a hand-held screen.  It's basically a rectangle.  Not much to improve upon, or to differentiate...
Easter is always capitalized.  It's the most important Christian holiday, the day that God the Son was resurrected, after having been crucified and buried.
And we should give Apple carte blanche?
MS was sued for such things.  They lost, and were fined for tying Internet Explorer to their operating system.  Sure, you could install other browsers and use them for other functions.  But anything OS-linked was done in IE.   And Apple ties Safari to any iOS browsing and hotlinks, which can't be replaced by another browser.
Though the screen may change shape, I'm betting that the actual App real estate will be the same as the 3.5" displays, and developers won't have to change anything.  What we'll get is an actual dock for 'real' multi-tasking -- not the 'double-click-the-home-screen' thing.  So the iOS will be upgraded as well to give us a visual dock for running Apps, and/or maybe a place for customizable buttons.   That's my prediction.  -Carnac the Magnificent
I work for a company that has an ethics policy. As part of that policy, we have to do yearly training, and one of the big topics is illegal anti-competitive practices. It is illegal for 2 companies to get together and agree to split territory -- "I take this market and you stay out of my market, and you take that market and I'll stay out of your market." It's basically an agreement to create 2 monopolies, rather than compete fairly against each other. Even 2 VP's...
I have a Macbook Pro, a Macbook Air, an iPhone, and a smattering of old iPods. I don't have an iPad yet. I've been waiting until they made one I could dribble like a basketball. Looks like I may be buying me an iPad 4!!!
Can anyone tell me if you can set up an Apple TV without a TV? I'd like to get one for a home music server (currently using a Logitech Squeezebox), but don't have a TV. So if set-up has to be done on a TV, I'm out of luck. Can the Apple TV be set up with a Macbook or iPhone? (which I do have)
You will know your eyes are 80 years old.
So 'affordable' isn't 'better'? It is to some folks. That's my point. But you better be in lock-step with Apple on THEIR definition of 'better.' Resistance is futile... Apple is trying to dictate the market. Which is exactly why Apple threw the hammer at IBM in 1984. (Kinda like the old saying, "When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you.")
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