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Fact: fossil record. There are various species recorded in the fossil record. Theory #1: One species has evolved into another species. There is no proof or evidence to back this up. No laboratory experiments have ever created a new species from an old one. It is merely a speculative theory. Theory #2: Intelligent design. The various species were created, though there has been post-creation changes within species. There is no proof or evidence to back this up. It is...
Enlighten us then.
Scientists have no evidence at all that one species has evolved into another species. Only that there are different species in the fossil record. Scientists have no evidence at all that life could come together out of a primordial soup all by itself. In fact, statistical analysis shows that in the 4 billion years that the earth has been around, not one single protein could have come together by accident, much less a single cell, much less an organism, much less complex...
Realize that that's like saying, "I believe in physics, but I have a problem with Newton's Law." You can't be an anti-fundamentalist Physicist. The fundamentals are just that...fundamental. They are core to the very belief. If there is a truth, it is fundamental. You're saying, "I want God, but I don't want any specifics." You want a fuzzy religion with no Truth. God is a fundamentalist, by the way.
I understand your position, however I'm not so sure you can say that he never chose to be attracted that way. He had a girlfriend, one who was a bit selfish it seemed, and it left some sore feelings at their break-up, shortly before he got involved in the furriness. I think the furriness was more of a 'fetish', and the homosexuality came from that, where it wasn't there before. I do understand that some people have urges from an early age, and this is hard if not...
I'm sorry for the hardships you have endured. We all have different urges....some good....some not so good. But God has told us that sex is for marriage only. As a single person, I have no more right to have sex that a homosexual does.
Why should I, if you're saying it was not written by God? (actually, it was written by men under the influence of the Holy Spirit) God's plan has unfolded through the 1500 or so years the bible came to be, from Moses and the Torah to New Testament. Some things that were forbidden for the Israelites (and notice they were a theocracy), like eating shellfish, were allowed later on. However, homosexuality is condemned throughtout the entire 1500-year bible. Read "The...
My brother chose homosexuality. He got into 'furriness' (look that perversion up for yourself if you like) and through that became gay. His partner is also a furry. I love my brother as a brother and as a human being made in the image of God. However, I hate his sin and cannot condone it.
Being like Christ is very difficult. That doesn't mean that it's not the right thing to strive for. You can complain about Christians missing the mark, but if you are not trying yourself, then you're just complaining from the sidelines. You try to be like Christ for a while and see how it goes for you.
You should read up on the Dead Sea Scrolls, which were from ~80AD, if I remember correctly.No, God just hates sin, and sin can be found in all people. The question is: has your sin been paid for?
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