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But define 'better.' There is a market for low-end products because there are some folks who can't afford Apple prices. So they may buy a $200 Kindle Fire. That, for them, is the definition of 'better.' There's a guy here at work who I've seen polishing his iPhone 4 with a microfiber cloth. He loves his schanzzy iPhone, and treats it gingerly. But there is also the low-income parent who will give a simple Kindle Fire to their kids, who will abuse it.
You're assuming the laws and the law systems are the same in both countries.
[darkhumor] Apple had to wait to be able to sand Steve's fingers down..... [/darkhumor]
Wow.....amazing what you get here on these interwebs....financial advice on a Apple fanboy site... Someone should check how much Apple stock this Zaky guy owns, and what his vested interests are in this...
Hitach? Most likely Hitachi.
It's pretty well-known that Verizon has wider 3G coverage, but ATT has faster 3G....where you can get it.
You can't make much of a judgement based on this study alone. One big factor......where were they testing? Probably somewhere where they had decent signals for all carriers. I live in a place where both Verizon's and ATT's signals are sketchy. I have only 1 bar inside my house, and often have to stand at the porch door to make phone calls -- that is, if I can even make the call successfully! If Sprint gave me a decent signal at my house, it'd be a better carrier...
Yawn. And we get a new president next year, too.
He must have gotten a vision of the next Google device....
The silly 'slide to unlock' function is one thing I would remove from my iPhone, if I could. But I've read that there is no provision in iOS for disabling it, and can only be done after jailbreaking it. I'd just like to turn the device on, without the unnecessary step of having to unlock it. If I felt the need to have that for security or something, I think it should be a user-enabled feature. They do without it on the iPad if you have the smart cover, with its...
New Posts  All Forums: