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I'm reminded of Tiger Woods' apology news conference. He made the comment that, if he hadn't let his Buddhist faith slide, his family may have remained intact. The Buddha left his wife and child in order to pursue enlightenment. So Buddhism may not be the best vehicle for family values and cohesion. Buddhism is about pursuing your own path. The physical world is painful, and the way to enlightenment is trying to push the physical world away and enter the one-ness...
Yes, it does imply that:Sorry, kids. Making gadgets. Can't come to your soccer match tonight....can't help you with your homework tonight.... Not that a father has to be spending every moment with his kids when they are home. But anyone who says that he is trying to explain why he wasn't always there for them obviously feels a bit of regret for putting career before family. And that's what's sad.
Bump. In Jesus' parable of the Prodigal Son.....when the son who squandered his father's fortune in wild living returns home, the father sees him 'a long distance off' and runs to his son and embraces him. One of the things that is remarkable in that parable is that, culturally, it would be virtually unheard of for a father to do something like that. The son could come back and beg forgiveness, but the father would never allow himself to become emotional and abase...
Makes you wonder how people use iPhones and iPod Touches! Those things must be downright useless!
I don't dispute that Jobs made progress -- at least in the technological realm. I feel sorry for him, though.
That's not 'perception.' Perception is 'what' or 'how' you think of something.....not whether you've simply heard of it. Brand perception is what you think of a particular brand or company -- good reputation, bad reputation.... My perception of Apple went up with Jobs' resignation. He's a brilliant guy, but also a prick. Let's hope future Apple leadership is more gracious.
OF COURSE these things are done due to lax environmental rules in developing countries. Look at the label inside your leather jacket. It was made in China, India, or Mexico. Leather tanning is a nasty chemical process. Remember the John Travolta film "A Civil Action", where he plays a lawyer prosecuting a case in PA, I think, where people were getting sick because of the local leather tannery dumping chemicals into the ground? We've got an old defunct tannery here in...
If Sprint can give me decent coverage inside my house (unlike Verizon or ATT, which are both sketchy), I'm-a switchin'....
Your eyes are definitely exceptional. Just not exceptionally good.
These images have also been tweaked -- the border is thinner and the camera is centered in the aluminum: Whereas you can see that the camera is properly off-center (up/down within the aluminum frame) on these, and the aluminum frame is wider. They look like un-altered shots:
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