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If Sprint can give me decent coverage inside my house (unlike Verizon or ATT, which are both sketchy), I'm-a switchin'....
Your eyes are definitely exceptional. Just not exceptionally good.
These images have also been tweaked -- the border is thinner and the camera is centered in the aluminum: Whereas you can see that the camera is properly off-center (up/down within the aluminum frame) on these, and the aluminum frame is wider. They look like un-altered shots:
I wish someone with more graphics capabilities than I have would do a comparison between an actual Macbook Air and this picture on Apple's site. Apple's 'enhanced' the picture so that there's more screen and less aluminum border on the Air. Also the camera is off-center (in the border, up/down) on the actual Air that I'm typing on.
But Apple was found to be guilty. That's more important than the $3k for a single user.
My prognostication: As Steve Jobs said a year ago with the release of the redesigned Air, "this is the future of the Macbook line." So I think the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro lines will blur and become one. I really like the direction of the Google Chromebook. I think Apple will surprise us with an iPad3-based device that will be like a Chromebook. No touchscreen, but with a keyboard. Running iOS on an A5 chip. This will dovetail with the whole iCloud initiative. ...
Dedicated graphics + bigger screen = either bigger battery (more weight) or less battery life. And a 4-core chip probably wouldn't help battery life, either. If they go for the 'Air' moniker, they'll go 2-core with integrated graphics and shoot for low weight. If they go for the 'Pro' moniker, they'll go for performance, and basically you'll just get a sleeker look, but it'll essentially be a Super Drive delete and will still weigh in the high-3-pound range, maybe...
Reminds me of this.....http://contest.newyorker.com/Caption...ate=ny-caption
Fake. And a really bad one at that. Some kid was playing around with his trial or pirated 3D CAD package. The apple isn't centered in the circle. You wouldn't lay out the drawing that way, especially with the 2 views overlapped in the lower right corner, with one face-down and another one face-up in the background. I wouldn't even say 'nice try'....
New Posts  All Forums: