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Common knowledge. Steve already said (at the launch of the 2nd-gen Airs) that the Air is the future of the Macbook Pros.
I, too, have been waiting for this refresh to buy a top-end Air to replace my 2008 MBP.
Actually, there's a diesel-powered electrical power plant in my town. But it's small, and usually kicks in only on summer days when peak air-conditioning demand is high.
The book will never come out. The world ends in 2012 according to the Aztec calendar!
Uh, thank you Cliff Claven... "Ehhhh.....it's a little-known fact Nammie....."
But then your posts would also disintegrate....
If there's room to remove material, it can be done by making the case smaller AND the screen larger at the same time.We're not talking about the glass here. We're talking about the lit-up part -- the screen. There was a (supposed) spy pic posted in one of these Appleinsider reports of a new edge-to-edge screen for the next iPhone.
When Apple launched the Macbook Air, they were showing plenty of views of its "0.11 inch" thin edge. That was the general design theme they were pushing at the time -- the appearance of thinness. That was before they went back to chunky with the iPhone 4.
Easy. Smaller perimeter ('picture frame') around the screen.These must be trick questions or something....Ah, I get it now. The rapture happened and only the dumb people are left. Er, wait a minute....
Easy. The same way the iPod Touch is thinner due to its curved back, or the iPad 2's thinner because of its curved edges, or the Macbook Air's thinner because of its wedge-shape.
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