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Would Apple need to file with the FCC if there was no inherent difference between this version of Airport Extreme and the previous one? I doubt it. There must be something more substantially changed than Apple is letting on. Looking forward to a tear-down....
greed gotta love it....
I was hoping that the Time Capsule would become more NAS-like. I'd like something that could run my Logitech Squeezebox jukebox software. Imagine that a Time Capsule ran iOS and you could control Apps on it via an iPad. Plus having it be the iPad 'wireless dock', if you will -- an in-your-home cloud for software updates and backup that had been rumored. Well, we'll see what this new Airport Extreme looks like. Hopefully with a new FCC filing, it's a new device. Maybe...
On the one hand, it'd be very easy to upgrade to Lion via the App Store, so delaying hardware doesn't make sense in that regard. On the other hand, Apple may want you to have your new machine with 'the whole new experience' -- so that you're not suddenly getting used to Snow Leopard (if you're a new user), then suddenly switch to Lion and have to learn a new system. I've got cash in hand for a Macbook Air, whenever they become refreshed. I also wanted a Mac Mini...
Ethics is different in China. Think about the copying of software that we call 'piracy', but many over there feel is just fine. It's interesting to watch these things play out on the global stage. Does 'The West' have a right to impose its values on other nations? Is China obligated to play by Western rules? Are our (Western) ethics and morality better? Do we impose these things on other cultures?
Common knowledge. Steve already said (at the launch of the 2nd-gen Airs) that the Air is the future of the Macbook Pros.
I, too, have been waiting for this refresh to buy a top-end Air to replace my 2008 MBP.
Actually, there's a diesel-powered electrical power plant in my town. But it's small, and usually kicks in only on summer days when peak air-conditioning demand is high.
The book will never come out. The world ends in 2012 according to the Aztec calendar!
Uh, thank you Cliff Claven... "Ehhhh.....it's a little-known fact Nammie....."
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