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'Back to school' generally refers to grade school -- crayons and 'Trapper Keepers.' (anyone else here as old as I am?) The kiddies get out at the end of May or first week of June, and go back at the end of August or first of September. Colleges and universities are all over the place. My first year of college was at the U. of Minnesota, and they were on a trimester system.
So some people are claiming that Apple will have a 'back-to-school' promotion before school even lets out? This is getting to be like stores that put Christmas stuff out a month before Halloween.
At least you're honest about your dishonesty... Have you ever considered a career in politics?
This is a window: The fact that MS used that term to refer to a rectangular box on a computer screen is a unique use of the word.
Thanks for the tips! Did all but the monitor check, since I didn't have a monitor or TV. No dice. Took a drive to the Apple store thinking it'd be a 'recovery' case, so I wanted to know how best to go about retrieving my files. Turns out they are replacing those graphics cards for free -- even though my MBP is 3-1/2 years old and I don't have Apple Care. So my MBP is 'in hock' at the moment, but looks to be coming back as a working machine soon... Thanks again
2008 pre-unibody MBP. Didn't wake from sleep. When I lifted the lid, the white pulsing light became steady, but the screen remained black. Keys, etc., were unresponsive. Had to shut down by holding the power button. It doesn't seem to be merely a display issue. When I power it back up, and wait long enough that it should be booted up, then close the lid to put it back to sleep, the light still remains steady and I hear the fan-like sound of the hard drive spinning. ...
Wise up.
Awesome. Been looking foreward to better audio solutions from Apple. I'm running a Logitech Squeezebox and love it. I've heard Sonos is good, too. I think Apple dropped the ball in not entering that market -- meaning, something with a halfway decent DAC for stereo and home theater use. EDIT: Come to think of it......given the quality of music the almighty Steve listens to and uses for his product launches.....I can see why good audio performance hasn't been a...
I think you may have inadvertently posted in the wrong thread.
The global-warming movement needs this sort of whiz-bang graphics to make up for lack of evidence. EDIT: Come to think of it, Al Gore and Lady GaGa have a lot in common. Image over substance....
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