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You don't, the content provider does. Apple was cunning enough to forbid companies to sell items at a higher price in the app store.
How pathetic.
Thanks for the laugh.
Advanced ad blockers like Adblock Plus can also filter out requests before they are send. Only using CSS hiding is very fragile, still downloads the ads, still uploads statistics to the ad server and can't deal with every type of ad (e.g. in-video ads) so it's only employed if blocking is not possible or to clear up a page. For instance, the Adblock Plus filter subscription EasyList uses a mix of general filters as well as site-specific filters to deal with advertisement....
AppleInsider was not always like this?
Okey, I'm having a bad cold so I might have misunderstood something, but how can iAd Producer be a blow to Flash when the ads produced with it only run on a platform where Flash is not available anyway? I thought that competition requires to have a choice in the first place but Flash and IAds run in mutually exclusive spaces.
Yeah right, as if everyone who jail breaks its iPhone/iPad does it solely for pirating.
Yes, for Windows or other update mechanisms which have to contact the Internet during the update process. AFAIK after iTunes downloaded the new firmware it is transferred to the iPad via USB so Zonealarm or any other firewall is unlikely to be the culprit.
WebSockets is in a messy state right now as most (all?) browsers implement the outdated version 76 which will be replaced with a newer one due to some serious issues discovered with the old proposal. Mozilla is right now discussing whether to prefix their implementation to discourage usage until the new version is specified and implemented.
Yeah, right. Leaving out the biggest web browser vendor will surely do wonders for interoperability. Some people also would like to forget that it was Microsoft who sponsored thousands of unit tests for CSS 2.1 (and now CSS 3.0) which uncovered that web-darlings like Gecko and WebKit had buggy and incomplete implementations (which they silently fixed in the meantime). Microsoft is doing a lot of the "boring" grunt-work which Apple, Google and Mozilla couldn't be arsed with...
New Posts  All Forums: