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I found this tutorial to be pretty helpful. Step-by-step instructions on how to enable IMAP for Gmail and set it up for iPhone.
That must be pretty annoying for you. I think I have a similar issue: it hurts when I punch myself in the face. Any suggestions? But are you on EDGE because of iTunes quitting, or were you on EDGE already? Kind of a chicken/egg issue I guess ... OK, sorry. I haven't encountered this issue on WiFi, but I only surf and listen to music at the same time when I'm on the train, so it's always the EDGE network. I'm going to try and ask someone from Apple, so I'll keep ya'll...
I have searched and I'm sorry if this is redundant. When using Safari, sometimes (especially when I double click the screen to enlarge, it seems) my iTunes will just stop playing. I don't know if it's something that I'm doing wrong, if there's a simple solution, or nobody knows, but I figured I'd ask. Anyone else dealing with this? It is getting to be pretty frustrating.
I have the Vibe V-moda Duos, and I like them a lot. The buds are canal style and sound pretty decent. They have a mic with a call button just like the factory apple headset. The only difference is no bleeding from the ears. There are several earpiece sizes, and the cords are fabric which is a nice touch. You can take some model airplane paint, like I did, and paint the textured metal black so you don't look quite so blingin' fresh fly or whatever the kids say. Get...
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