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I think you meant to type $612,000,000,000...! (Billions, not millions.)
Rob Enderle? Seriously? Is he now your go to guy for Apple expertise? Since when is Rob Enderle anything but a laughing stock in the world of Apple? Perhaps you should get an expert second opinion from assclown John C. Dvorak while you're at it. Or maybe Paul Thurrott? And don't forget get to get anal ysis from Henry Blodget on all Apple business matters. Holy crap, AppleInsider!
"And don't forget China owns a majority of the US debt." This is simply not true. Americans own the largest share of their own debt, much more than China. http://www.factcheck.org/2013/11/who-holds-our-debt/
Much ado about nothing! Let us know when you find out what they say...
Colossus demands 24x7 video surveillance. Oops, did I say Colossus? I meant Google. --- Colossus: In time you will come to regard me not only with respect and awe, but with love. Dr. Forbin: NEVER!
mactac and others with similar concerns: Apple did not simply "bulldoze" the trees on the site. Their Chief Arborist chose the native trees that were in good condition, boxed them up and moved them for safekeeping and eventual return to the site. Non-native trees, many of them sick or damaged because they were ill-adapted to conditions in the region and from lack of care, were destroyed. Trees around the periphery are being kept where suitable and augmented with additional...
I decided some time ago that I would not buy any Samsung products because the company has despicable business practices and there are many other brands to choose from. Coincidentally, when I had a highly reputable independent appliance repairman in the house to deal with a couple of minor issues, We ended up discussing the quality of modern appliances. He said people's reluctance to pay for quality has had a significant impact on appliances. He told me the worst modern...
The R&D budget may be tiny for a company this size, but it has apparently been tightly focused since Steve Jobs returned. With this much money in the bank, I kinda wish Apple would re-establish a skunkworks R&D dept. to think different and do basic research in related areas. Personally, I'd like to see some major efforts in the physics of light and lenses. Is there a radical new technology that would allow them to create tiny zoom lenses, for instance?
Hmmm. https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/brailletouch/id579725651?mt=8
At a market cap of (at this moment) about $154 million, this would be an easy acquisition for Apple. That it has not been purchased suggests that Apple is comfortable with the situation. I Imagine its license for Pixelworks' IP gives Apple everything it needs without the additional expense.
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