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What about using common sense? I run Mac OS X since 2004, for a month I tried Sophos, which made my Mac even more vulnerable. And since I, and probably others, don't install everything that wants to be installed, we can be on the safe side.
What is it now? Didn't you write, that it is a trojan, but now you write, it is a virus. Make up your mind. Anyway, since there are no viruses affecting Mac OS X in public circulation, this is probably a trojan. To learn the difference, which is just a tiny bit important, as the word "virus" probably gets you more clicks, look here.
Thisand this.
Never saw that. Thanks, a new one. Now I need to incorporate it. I guess it is a brain thing, as they both sound alike and one writes the other one. Happens to me too.
When Intel releases new Xeon CPUs.
Be glad it is GB and not MB, which you probably mean with "mb".
It happens on my Moto Defy at least twice a week, especially when using Google Maps or Navigation, which is a real shame, but also a known problem with Defys. And I swore off Motorola mobiles before, but the big plus for the Defy was the ruggedness and I am a bit of a klutz. Anyway, if the iPhone would be a bit cheaper and more rugged, I would consider it over Android any day, but I have seen a lot of iPhones with broken display glass, thus I am a bit wary of them.
Apple didn't erase the malware, it just added definitions to its Mac OS X security management system, which warns you, that the application you are opening, may be some kind of malware.
Apple introduced the iPhone in early 2007 and released it in mid 2007, in 2008 it released the iPhone 3G, then in 2009 it released the iPhone 3GS and in 2010 it released the iPhone 4. All those releases happened mid year and NOT short after the fourth calendar quarter, which would be the beginning of the next year. Or is this just SPAM?
Windows 7 or 8 is even more abysmal, but it seems you didn't get my post. I am okay with 10.6.8, it will work until my Macs die, but once I have to buy a new Mac, I might be in trouble. And Windows will not be the better solution, it just looks too busy. And yes, right now, I don't give a crap about Lion, as many do too. And if you still remember your MR times, you might have come upon some people, who still used older version of Mac OS X while a new version was already...
New Posts  All Forums: