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That is the fault of Skype, as it uses a lot of CPU power for video chatting. As the newer CPUs use the same TDP with just a slightly faster frequency, it will probably stay the same, unless Skype improves their code.Spaces and Exposé for example, but not many people (majority) seem to be missing it. But I can't live without Spaces, I have twelve of them, four columns and three rows. How should I cram that into 12 tiny shite icons on the top of the stupid screen,...
I can't see any Lamebook or Twister links on the US Apple Online Store in Safari? Do I need an update for that? Anyway, maybe I am just lucky.
The use of "grey" or "grey" is not dependent on the nationality of the person being written about, but on the origin and main market of the actual magazine it is written in, or so I guess.
Is there any information about the cost of this structure? And will it actually look that romantic?
Here are the correct years. iMac - 1998 iBook - 1999 Mac mini - 2005 MacBook - 2006 (year of the Intel switch and introduction of Intel Macs) MacBook Air - 2008 Mac mini - Server - 2009 One might also consider design overhauls as counting. Anyway, I guess the author means game changing introductions like the iPod, iPhone, iPad and now the MacBook Air, products that grab much more consumers than other Apple products do.
Because that is a photograph for the 2010 MBA and its Restore USB drive, as it is gone from the 2011 MBA.
Maybe this is of interest: http://www.larryjordan.biz/app_bin/w..._campaign=feedIt's a blog post by Larry Jordan, the same filmmaker, who revealed some information a month ago.
The problem is still going on. Do the admins or mods even read this section of the board? I try the "Contact Us" option now.
It also happens on my home iMac, on which it worked yesterday. Though it seems to be not a problem for many, as not many have complained about, but this board is having not much traffic anyway.
I only use ClickToFlash as plugin. Strangely I could view the full article and the front page normally on my iMac at home, but with my MBP at work I have this problem. Maybe it is a server/router side issue. I just thought it would be an effect of the downtime of the forum yesterday. It isn't really important anyway, I can still read the articles from work if I click on the comments link.
New Posts  All Forums: