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"The Rock" or "Das Rad (The Wheel)" shows the life of a stone family while dealing with mankind. Google: http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...42393735208484 To download: http://www.archive.org/details/DasRadDasRaddasradmov_0 I don't know if it is what you're looking for, but your post reminded me of this particular animation. Have a good day.
Hello. Today I spent some time importing my CDs into iTunes. The first CDs went fine, but after about 10-20 CDs iTunes and Finder couldn't see the CD. So with DiskUtility's help I finally could mount CDs manually into OS X. Has anybody else had the same problem?
Hello. I was wondering what are acceptable temperatures for an iMac under normal working conditions. The iMac is of the latest generation, 20", 2GHz, 2GB RAM, the entry level Mac, besides the MacMini and MacBook (lack of proper graphic card was the main decisive reason). When the use of the processor is normal, about 25 to 35 percent for each core, the CPU has around 47º C, the GPU between 50º and 60º C (the heat sink is warmer), Ambient around 24º...
The external HDD case has some problems with its controller. The HDD has 156 GB but the controller will only see 128 GB according to Disk Utility. Taking another (and newer) HDD case solved the problem. Spotlight is working again, even when indexing another drive. And I can copy my files again. Maybe it means to finally say good bye to the failing case, after so many HDDs it had.
There are the 200GB internal HDD and two 180GB external HDDs connected to the iMac. But indexing is over, otherwise Spotlight would tell me. (Indexing took about an hour after install). And with almost ten hours continuously running Spotlight is still not responding. Maybe a glitch. I just copy everything again and do a clean install. BTW: I wanted to copy all my data for backup (without Time Machine, because it only copied about 26GB of 90GB), but Finder tells...
Hello. I've installed Leopard today (the copy arrived just hours ago) and run into some problems with spotlight. Whenever I use CMD+Space or click the Spotlight lens I get the spinning ball/wheel for a short time. When I type my search request it takes at least three seconds for the first letter to appear, albeit four or more have already been pressed on the keyboard. Then after a while the second and third letter appear in the spotlight search box. Then all three...
can it be, that the address for the image is to long? mine is: http://bp0.blogger.com/_-ae7H_k1NNQ/...spinnerlys.jpg, and it gets truncated, so that the image tag doesn't understand it? is that hopefully wrong?
here is mine, recently changed. image Dock is hidden. Icons on desktop swept away with DesktopSweeper. And I like the grey figure stalking the grey sad sitting figure.
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