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You know, Apple has a policy, that when you battery has less than 80% of its original health (full capacity) and has been recharged less than 300 times, you can let it be replaced by Apple. Maybe you could contact Apple and see, if they'll help.
Would you be so kind and offer me some direction for this project/software?
500 GB is the current maximum for internal laptop drives as they are smaller than their desktop counterparts (2.5" vs. 3.5"). 750 GB should be available by mid 2009 and 1 TB by 2010. current 500 GB drives: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...009&name=500GB For information on bigger drives: http://www.pbcentral.com/news/viewne...uAEFlurgljyWma
Terminal: defaults write com.apple.Safari DebugSafari4TabBarIsOnTop -bool FALSE Exchange FALSE with TRUE if you want them back on top again.
I've never encountered the "Never for This Site" dialog box in Safari, only in Firefox on the top of the window. In Safari you could look into the AutoFill preferences, there you can add sites with usernames and passwords.
That is not possible as the MacBook (13") has no Express Card slot, only the MacBook Pros (15" and 17") do have them.
It's faster than Safari 3 for me at least. I like the quick page building now. What annoys me is that when you have the a page open and take a look at the Top Sites with the help of the icon in the bookmark bar, you can only go back by going back (arrow or Cmd + <). Then it has to rebuild the page again. Which is fast of course. Not even ESC helped, or pressing the icon again.
Those who live outside of the US of A can use a little programme called HotSpot Shield to trick american sites into thinking you're inside the States (a proxy server), which works perfectly for watching Hulu and other Network sites like ABC, SciFi and so on. It sits in the menu bar (to the left of the Spotlight icon) and enables to connect and disconnect to and from an american server. PS: Another vote for Six Feet Under, Dexter, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, My...
As I've seen the "the bigger the Mac OS X market share, the more threats will come" again in this article, I will give a link to an article named "The Mac OS X Malware Myth Continues", providing information about why that market share argument is a little old in the teeth.
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