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Could be. But it depends what you wanna do with the MacBook. If it is just eMail and Word processing, web surfing or editing your images, the current offer is more than adequate. The new MacBooks are rumored to have the next generation of Intel's integrated graphic X4500 or so, a better processor (faster and more) and a new shell made of aluminum. Just read some or all the rumor threads in Future Hardware and decide for yourself. If you want new and fancy,...
Just for the love of mock ups, and a little nice spam, I came across this one. PS: I already posted it in the other thread about Apple's next-gen MacBook Pro casing design revealed, but think this will be more frequented.
I found another mock up in the MacRumours forum. I have to say, I quite like the look of this (Flickr).
MacBook will do just fine if you're not an extreme gamer. You can get the white one with a 250GB drive for less than the BlackBook.
Hello. Is there a way of reversing the way Time Machine lets you select the items you wanna back up? I mean the Excluding thingy is nice, but with 6 external drives and 10 partitions it's quite messy to exclude all the unwanted stuff, especially if it is spread out in bits an pieces. For example, I have a drive full of my photos with their Libraries and edited pictures. But I just want to archive the original images, nothing more. And there is another drive with...
Thanks vinea and SpamSandwich (there could be an "h" in there) for the quick answer. So this automatic feature recognizes a taboo name calling and bans someone? It's done by a mod, isn't it? PS: What does the ban include (and not exclude like the Time Machine?
Hello. I recently discovered, that some users where banned from this forum. I really don't know much about them, but I'm curious why those people got banned from here. There seems to be no announcement, neither here nor in the thread they last posted in. The two most recent examples are mydo and @_@ Artman (now I finally get those two @s), who are here for two years and post quite regularly. Why were they banned? For how long? And why is there no announcement...
Yes, a DVI > HDMI cable would work, if your TV supports the high resolution. And no, your MBP will not play the Blu-Ray, cause it has only a DVD/CD drive. How did he manage to rip the DVD to your MBP? As far as I know, Mac OS X doesn't support Blu-Ray yet, but there are always ways, aren't there?
Go to System Preferences, then to Security. There is an option to automatically log off the user after a set period of inactivity.
This one, but in new aluminum fashion. And the appropriate german layout. On the windows side those brackets could be written by pressing "Alt Gr + 8 or 9" I think.
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