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Okay so I know it is a Mac and they are great ( I have been working on mine for a few months now and there are no issues ). I was just wondering if there are some basic steps to maintaining the performance ie. defragging or cleaning up disc space as per PC's? Even an Italian sports car needs a tuneup once in a while.
Just incase anybody else out there has the same trouble. Mac DVI output is incompatible with this TV's resolution. You must use the DVI to S-video adapter which comes with the MacBook and go into TV's S-video, as well as out from audio out to TV's audio in. So to be clear, you need two completly different cables from the one I purchased and the quality will not be up to HD standard. Oh well
Does anybody have any insight to offer? I just purchased a DVI to HDMI cable to connect my MacBook Pro to my Panasonic Viera 50" Plasma. The mac detects the TV, The TV is set to HDMI 1 (the correct physical input) for some reason I just get a black screen.I have tried every resolution, and mirror on/off. Nothing seems to work. O incase anybody asks the TV is turned on. Please help I need to send emails from my couch
Well Ill be man enough to admit that I have now tried it with a blank dvd inserted and it works like a charm \
Its an avi file
Okay so I love my MacBook Pro, and it appears from all I have read that Visualhub is the be all end all for converting and burning video files. My problem is this. The process has been running for around 10 hours now. Says "burning DVD....." at bottom of screen. I have also read elsewhere that people report burn times up to 30 or even 40 hours. Can this really be true. there must be something I am missing, because no process should take that long. Who can afford to tie up...
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