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I get the feeling that they'll only upgrade the mini on a half-cadence compared to the higher end macs, similarly to how they maintain the iPad Touch compared to the iPhone. They want to keep these low end products to address the whole of the market, but they want to emphasize the desirability of the hih-end products in comparison to them.
100% fabricated controversy / clickbait
They have refuted the suggestions that Messenger is insecure.   One cannot rebuke a suggestion, but rather a person. Rebuke means to upbraid, to sharply criticize someone. Refute means to disprove.   Please hire a literate editor, or simply avoid using fancy words.
If AppleInsider is being paid by Gazelle for advertising, this should be clearly stated
Does AppleInsider receive payment from Gazelle for these "articles"?
In what way is this a "hands on" article? It just repeats info from the keynote, with some background information.
Solid products. Nothing market changing (other than possibly the previously rumoured large screen iPad). I'm scraping together money for the base model 15" Retina.
Deep Porpoise... didn't they do proto-heavy metal in the 70s?
Wasn't there a rumor a while back that iWork was already ready for an update? Someone saw a German iWork book for the new version I think... Reading this posting, it sounds like there's a super buggy version floating around the Infinite Loop
The iris is behind the retina.
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