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Matched & converted tracks are coming back with the new type "Matched AAC audio file" and will contain your Name and Apple ID even if you bought (sort of ) them elsewhere. Looking at my 11000+ Song library I'd say that about 80% is greyed out which probably means that there's no match found on iTunes for them and I'd have to upload them. Uploading seems to be disabled at the moment, so there's no way playing the greyed out tracks - not even on the Mac where the physical...
Thanks for the feedback, guys! As indicated in the footer, the upcoming event dates are nothing more than guesstimates. The list is important from a SEO perspective as it contains important keywords for organic search. As a new feature you'll be able to create an (time zone adapted) iCal entry by clicking at the calendar icon once an event has been confirmed.
This might in fact be true for budget compact cameras, because the majority of photos on social sites are crappy, badly lit and overly noisy snap shots anyway - and those folks don't mind
I just finished implementing a web application project that shows any visitor the time of an upcoming Apple event in his/her own time zone. Comes in handy for international Apple fans (like myself) who don't know the time difference to PST. You may notice that I reverse-enginered the Apple keynote theme so it looks more or less just like a real Apple keynote slide. Since the site is 100% non-commercial, I hope this isn't considered Spam. Please let me know if you...
See 3rd post in this qnap forum thread: http://forum.qnap.com/viewtopic.php?f=182&t=41220
I was able to install ios 4.2 beta on my iPad without any issues but 4.2 beta on my iphone doesn't work at all. Maybe the iphone version really needs that pre-release build.
ATOM CPU support is gone.
I just summarized the steps needed if you want connect a Line 6 POD to GarageBand: http://www.trick77.com/2008/11/09/ho...to-garageband/ Make sure you listen to the awful guitar tune at the end and tell me what song it this, thanks :-)
Please be aware that this product doesn't switch older HDMI signals, it won't switch HDMI 1.1 sources. Many low-cost HDMI devices still use chips that produce HDMI 1.1 data. See this arcticle for more information: http://www.trick77.com/2008/06/29/fl...c-hdmi-switch/
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