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Not in the UK they don't - ridiculous pricing for all 6 of us (they only offer up to 4 additional members anyway). Get Spotify FamilyAdd up to four family members and get 50% off their Premium. Cancel anytime.Premium for everyone Your own playlists Your own recommendations Me + 1 family member£14.99  Me + 2 family members£19.99  Me + 3 family members£24.99  Me + 4 family members£29.99   
Looks like Spotify are worried - and rightly so.  Come end of the month my Spotify premium is getting cancelled and I'm taking up the family offer from Apple which is incredible value in comparison.  Spotify's days are numbered I'm afraid.
Apple - just do it like the rest of them do.  I've been beating this horse for a while now but they are moving too slow in this instance.  In my opinion Apple are playing too nicely and need to move aggressively and either suffer the consequences or win the battle - these music and TV executives think they have all the answers yet they have little power in the actual distribution.   Just do it Apple - quickly.
 No what you said was 'The price tag is not high. FileMaker Pro is an enterprise-level DBMS.' - please explain how I am to determine that you are using FM as a front end to Oracle from that single statement?
Err - I don't think you can class Filemaker Pro as an enterprise level DBMS.  Are you seriously comparing FM to Oracle, Progress Openedge, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, Db2 or Sybase? If you are then you must have limited enterprise level experience.
I agree - Apple are moving too slowly on this front.  Amazon, Spotify and others have managed to 'negotiate' suitable terms or just forced the industry to accept their rules.  Surely Apple is in a much stronger position given the history to do the same - just push it out and sort out the agreements once you have a critical mass - with over a billion iOS devices sold they are in an unstoppable position.  Stop pandering to the industry and force them to adapt to your new model.
and the award for the ugliest watch goes to.......
Seems like a short lived product with the US moving to the chip & pin cards in 2015 - and you might get a shock outside the US - most of Europe is chip & pin and has been for the last 5-10 years.
What about the frequent desktop site layout issues and the low rent advertising for wrinkle bloody cream - the layout is confusing with far too much whitespace.
  Agree 100% with this.  Start by cleaning up the the trolls from the forums and article discussions.   Develop some original in-depth articles and how-to's - less sensationalism and following other websites articles and leads.    
New Posts  All Forums: