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and the award for the ugliest watch goes to.......
Seems like a short lived product with the US moving to the chip & pin cards in 2015 - and you might get a shock outside the US - most of Europe is chip & pin and has been for the last 5-10 years.
What about the frequent desktop site layout issues and the low rent advertising for wrinkle bloody cream - the layout is confusing with far too much whitespace.
  Agree 100% with this.  Start by cleaning up the the trolls from the forums and article discussions.   Develop some original in-depth articles and how-to's - less sensationalism and following other websites articles and leads.    
Interesting news......   in the meantime who the hell thought this forum was fit for purpose - seriously AI just try using it on your mobile device, it absolutely sucks.  
If I'm not sick of this shipped as opposed to actually sold crap - stop posting articles if they are not actual sales.
Having restrained my desire to respond to you so far I just can't any longer - this is just absolute right wing bullshit. The current Government are the ones who deregulated the banking sector back in the 80's - the consequences of which we are seeing now. It's a typical right wing tendency to blame the left wing for over spending etc when in reality it's only the left who invest in infrastructure, schools, hospitals , welfare for the disadvantaged or elderly, minimum...
Not quite. It's to do with the entire architecture of the BES solution - it is based on a one to one PIN number mechanism. The problem they are having is re-engineering the software to handle one PIN to many devices. It does not appear to be a simple process for them given how mature(old?) the BES solution is.
Think you need to read up on the internal combustion engine if you think Ford invented it....
Bullshit. Just checked online and nearly all have stock. Astroturfer.
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