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"could give Samsung the _cloud_ to extract high patent royalties" lol
That would be completely pointless; it would just squander GPU and battery performance for no perceptible benefit to the end user. I don't believe it for a moment.
It doesn't use WebGL (Mobile Safari doesn't support WebGL anyway). It's just a fisheye image that you can pan around using regular HTML and JavaScript.This is 1990s web technology, they could have done it years ago.
Ok, I actually laughed out loud at that one!
Oh come off it! It's a great feature for anyone who uses Facebook or Twitter, which at this point is nearly everyone on the planet.It doesn't send your private info to Facebook, it doesn't spy on you or post stuff to Facebook without your permission. It does exactly three things:1) save you having to re-type your Facebook credentials into every app that integrates with Facebook (but it still asks your permission).2) saves you from having to go to Safari, log into Facebook...
What do you mean there's no good way to choose? Everybody else manages to use the convention well enough. Look at Apple's own apps for example - they're mostly in single digit major releases because they follow the industry standard of Major update . Minor update . Maintenance update (Bug fix or very minor feature) You can quibble about exactly what goes in each division, but it's generally pretty obvious when an update is major or minor. Even OSX itself follows this...
Oh, well in that case, name the last thermonuclear war when that happened.A lot of history buffs in today I can tell.(Clue: thermonuclear weapons have never been used in combat. That's why they called it the "cold" war.)
Really? Name a time that's happened.
I'd like to see anyone try to argue that this is an "obvious" extension of previous touchscreen technology, and that "there's only so many ways you can make a keyboard". This is pure Apple genius at work, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if every Android keyboard rips off this idea, or at least all the ones that are any good do. They'll probably all just switch to using Swype instead if Apple start litigating on this patent, but that's a *good thing* - all Apple have...
No idea what the haters are on about. This is exactly what I was hoping they would ship, and the new screen looks like the perfect compromise between the comfortable existing size and the ludicrous giant panels of their competitors. 16:9 will be great for movies and games, and in portrait offers more usable screen real estate for scrolling content like web pages and lists (which make up the lion's share of most non-game applications). I hope it has some non-obvious tech...
New Posts  All Forums: