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What does 64 bit do for you? 64 bit does nothing for you that 32 bits doesn't do. You're a victim of marketing BS!
Unproven? That's exactly the development chain of events as recently released by HTC. The NSA would have to get every player involved to get in with them. Since Apple is the developer and the OEM, and the providers are pretty much completely out of the picture, the NSA only has to strong arm one player - Apple!To get Android, they have to deal with Samsung, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T - Mobile and all the little carriers - just to compromise all the Samsung devices, and that...
Crap on? I want nothing of the kind. I want users to wake up and demand better from Apple. I want Sculley, I mean, Cook to step down and get replaced by a PRODUCT guy. I want innovation from Apple instead of a company that appears to have run out of ideas. I want Apple to be the old Apple, not one that has become the new Microsoft.
Wow... resorting to censorship, are we?As for my devices, since I'm a supposed troll, former DEDICATED Apple user all the way back to the Apple IIe. Former iPhone user. No longer... My son still has his iPhone 5, my brother the iPhone 5s, my nephew the iPhone 4s. Now, I've moved on to Android - a Galaxy Note 3. Running Windows 7 and Linux on the desktop. I'm done with Apple, and my other family members are also taking a look elsewhere.
Prove that it is or go away. Isn't that how I've been treated here for some time now? I've listed proof and evidence in abundance and told to just go away. People in this forum want to hide from the evidence...hide from the truth... Tim Cook only cares about soaking you dry in the name of profit. He's not Jobs. Jobs had conviction. Cook just wants to make money.Rooted Android? Since there are so many players, they'd be quite busy. Since Google writes it, OEMS fine tune it...
Steve rebelled against authority. He was out to change the world, not play within its rules.
Near perfect circumstances? You've only seen the beginning... Biometric security isn't secure.
I told you that it was easily bypassed and I was told I was a troll and needed to do research before posting, etc. Well, here it is... Biometric security is a joke.
Wrong. It has already been stated that Kit Kat, Android's soon to be released new version, will have 64 bit support and Samsung clearly stated its next phone, likely the Galaxy S5, will have a 64 bit processor. These don't happen overnight. They've already been working on them before the iPhone and iOS announcements.
 The truth hurts, and the stock market is showing how the public feels about Apple's latest offerings. Apple needs to pull something out of its rear or it'll be irrelevant in the mobile space, before long. Spec bumps and some new clothes for the emperor just don't suffice, anymore.
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