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Boy, if that isn't a blanket and untrue statement. Unions got corrupted in mafia heavy areas such as Chicago and New York. They're not all corrupt. Considering that the unions were met with armed Pinkerton guards at the gate, bashing their heads in, shooting and killing many of them, I can see why SOME of them partnered up with corrupt figures...FOR THEIR OWN PROTECTION!
The problem is that they can copy the look, the material used, and even the same chips and components, but in the end, it still runs Windows. It's still one of a thousand others that also run Windows. There's nothing special about it. It might be a better laptop than the others, but they'll never compete a long as it runs Windows. Windows PC buyers generally shop for the lowest price, and that means high-end products like these are sunk.
What feedback from customers? I thought the only feed back they got was "fix this piece of s&*$!" and "I told you already, I tried that and it didn't work!" and "4 hours on the phone with customer service, and the POS is still broken!"
I doubt they will. I just don't see it doing anything but cannibalizing the regular iPad sales. Apple would need a strategic reason for going down that path, and I just don't see one other than cost to the consumer.
He needs fired. Here, HP had something that had a following, and they could do something with it to compete against iOS and Android. But, they bobbled it, and they simply didn't really get behind the product like they should have. HP has lost their direction, and the CEO needs to go.
Well, at the time, people viewed Apple products differently. They had NuBus cards in them, ADB, etc.. Everything, and I mean everything was more expensive for a Mac. There was a big push, back then, to settle on a standard, and that standard was the cheaper PC with Windows. Macs were ungodly expensive. When OS 9 launched, Macs were using more standardized USB bus and PCI cards. I remember feeling sad that OS 9 wouldn't work on my Mac clone because I had ADB and NuBus. My...
14.4K? Man, that was like a Ferrari! I remember the 2800 BAUD modem on my Apple II... The text letters appeared one at a time. lol It was like watching paint dry.
Features? Yes. Polish? Buahahahaha! Anyway, being iPad 2 was launched in March, February launch almost seems like a no-brainer. I'd say either February or March for next iPad.
I remember, at the time, I thought the Duo was pretty inventive. You plugged it into a proprietary dock, which gave you all the normal ports and turned it into a desktop computer. Nowadays, portable computing is almost as powerful as desktop computing and you can hook up an external keyboard, mouse, and display easily, creating the same effect. I think Seinfeld had a Duo in the background in his appartment on the show for a long time. The model of Mac there would change...
$100 doesn't offset the lousy customer service these companies have. Also, though most of these ultrabooks are pretty high spec, there are still some shortcuts Apple would never do. Trackpads, keyboards...
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