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+1 Excellent way of putting it.
First of all, good for them! Stand up for what's right. Second, it's Apple's good faith responsibility that their products not be made in sweatshop conditions. It's inhumane, exploitation, and just plain wrong. It's the same reason I don't shop Walmart and I won't hire someone to do work on my house that sends people with questionable citizenship to do the work. The problem with Apple is that they're an American company, which I support, and they make great products and...
The problem with a "real desktop solution" is that you're talking about generic boxes like PC's. There's nothing unique about them. Apple's solutions are always unique. i, too, would love to have a Mac Pro with a normal Core i7 processor and more standard parts, but does that mean it would be a successful product for Apple? No. Steve's original vision for the Mac was an all-in-one solution, and that's why they concentrate on the iMac. When they made more conventional...
You know they've hit upon something revolutionary when the entire world seems obsessed in how it works and how they can circumvent the technology behind it.
+1 However, Apple would never have gotten the lucrative deal it had and the cash influx it got had it not gotten the the carrier exclusivity that brought it subscription subsidies from AT&T. I think, in time, the Android market will settle down. People will grow tired of the lack of having to upgrade their phone to keep up with the latest OS releases and having little to no actual support from their phone OEM. Also, they'll tire of waiting 11 months from the time an OS is...
Asus did an excellent job of fixing heat problems with their Republic of Gaming laptops. The G73 and G74 series have excellent heat dissipation by moving air in from the bottom of the keyboard area and out of the back. However, this won't work with trying to taper the designs to make them thin and elegant.
I remember the "bad old days" when Apple's stock was pathetic and it was a lost company in search of direction. They had licensed clones and were getting their butts kicked by PowerComputing on price and performance, but not quality. Apple didn't know which way was up and had sat on its laurels too long.
From what I gathered from that, he's basically saying that because Android is so fragmented and its hardware so varied, it took a great deal of resources to develop it. On top of that, the one handset that's basically homogenized and could keep development costs low, won't allow it to be installed. Therefore, it simply cost too much to develop Flash for Android and they're gonna drop it. That seems to be the gist of it, despite ongoing blah blah blah trying to diffuse the...
With none of the Google Android handset makers making any real money, I wonder when that house of cards will fall?
Sure it did: Apple TV. It's just that, as Steve put it, Apple TV is a hobby. Google thought they could take the ball and run with it, but I think Steve saw something they didn't. Now, it's come back to haunt them.
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