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Just watched the PBS show on Steve and apparently, he envisioned the iPad 30 years ago at Apple. It wasn't just that he envisioned a slate/tablet computer, either. He envisioned it revolutionizing the print media and other things, as well.
Those that make that argument completely miss the point. An Apple product is more than just the hardware alone, though it is great hardware. An Apple product includes $29 OS upgrades, a unique OS that's a delightful experience and mostly free from the nasties that plague Windows, 1st rate customer service, and various other services such as iCloud and such. None of that is present in Ultrabooks, yet they expect to command nearly the same price.
Who didn't see this coming? The PC market has been a race to the bottom for far too long, and the idea of a premium PC is just foreign to everyone outside the hardcore gaming community, and even they will settle for lower quality stuff, sometimes, as long as it goes "whiz...bang!"
That was every Android tablet on display at a Best Buy I stopped in. Not just one tablet. They had 7 different tablets and they all had the same problem. Android is choppy. It's like they just don't do the finishing touches that make it a polished product.I dare you to go do the same experiment. Take any Android tablet currently on the market, and swipe your finger to move from page to page and then do it to an iPad. There is a huge difference in the level of polish. It's...
Except their investment in P.A. Semi... It just wouldn't make sense.
I think Asus can make it work, honestly. They've been very clear that it'll get ICS ASAP. Asus has succeeded where others have failed in the tablet market, so far.
It'll be a slug and a battery waster. Linux is not optimized to run on battery powered devices and such low resources.http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?pag..._regress&num=1There will have to be significant work done to Linux to make it viable. Otherwise, it'll be more like a Windows Slate device, where battery runtime is very low and the OS very sluggish. The problem with Linux (and I'm a big fan and user of it and actually writing this from PCLinuxOS right now) is that the...
That seems like a pretty novel approach, on paper. Real world experience will tell whether they succeeded or failed.
That's pretty accurate... lol Android is one choppy OS. When my finger swipes across the screen, the icons lag behind my finger swiping speed, which grows as my finger swipes. My finger got to the edge of the screen, but the icons my finger was just under when I first touched the screen were only half way across in the animation. They still haven't fixed this issue after all this time? The iPad and iPhone just feel natural to work with.
With unions slipping from power we're already seeing changes. It used to be that you worked 8 hr. days, and anything over that was overtime, and even doubletime. That was what the companies had to give up in return for you giving up more of your time. Now, that has changed to overtime after 40 hrs. and you can pretty much forget doubletime pay. It also used to be that Sat. and Sun. were reserved for family time. It was the weekend. The premium for working you on those days...
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