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What were they gonna say? "We're way behind in the ballgame..."? Yeah, right! No matter what technology that comes out on the iPhone or iPad that gets a lot of media attention, Google and Microsoft are gonna downplay it. Yeah, Siri is something that would come in handy while driving a car, and most will only use it sparingly after the initial fun they have. However, it is useful technology that's a step ahead of previous tech of the same nature. I had the old Siri app on...
I think I'll wait until this weekend. I don't want to wait a freakin' hour or more to get it.
Nope. It's so un-Apple to compete like this. Apple always takes the high ground.
First off, I believe whole heartedly that a device is worth what the buyer will sell it for and the customer will pay. At over $600 each (subsidized at $200 and up) people stand in line and drive up new records for sales for it. Must be worth it... Second, it doesn't just cost $200 to make. People use iSupply numbers all the time, but that's just the cost of the sum of parts. They never factor in the cost of R&D, marketing, etc. Now, the iPhone 4S, since it's little more...
Win back? Apple has lost very few users to Android. My brother made the switch because Verizon had not, yet, gotten the iPhone, but he cusses out his Droid X daily. He'll be back. Apple has a very high retention rate among users.
Keep in mind that there were plenty of people that waited out the Verizon iPhone 4 because a new iPhone was just around the corner. I'm sure some pent up demand helped. Besides, personally, i think the iPhone 4S was a pretty good upgrade. Dual core A5, faster graphics, Siri on steroids, new antenna... How much more would you want. Besides, I love the current form factor. That said, I'm not up for renewal until next Sept., so I'll be happy with my iPhone 4 until then. It...
Other than the very earliest beginnings before incorporation, Steve didn't actually run Apple until Apple bought NeXT. Steve never was CEO until the acquisition. Was he influential? You bet. The original Mac was one of his pet projects.
How about this guy?http://finance.yahoo.com/career-work...thrown-ive-wsj
Steve understood one thing: Companies need to be more product-centric and less shareholder-centric. What I mean by that is that great products sell and sales means better shareholder return. Too many companies are focused on shareholder value or whatever and dismiss the product. This same type of leadership is what turned Ford Motor Company around. Alan Mulally changed the focus of the company on how to make cars cheaper and more competitive to how to produce better cars...
Neither would I. I've used Apple II's and Macs over the years, and have an iPod Touch and an iPhone 4 and have never felt that they were anything but high quality.
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