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http://liliputing.com/2013/09/android-ready-64-bit-processing.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Liliputing+%28Liliputing%29 You really think they can design a 64 bit ARM processor from scratch in 6 weeks? Get serious...
Folks, obviously 64 bit has been in the works, already, in Android. Kit Kat was named and soon will be announced, so development is pretty deep into it, already. Kit Kat will be having 64 bit support from Google. Also, the Galaxy S5 is due in Feb/March timeline and Samsung said their next phone would be 64 bit, so development is well underway before the iPhone 5S announcement.
A cheap plastic iPhone 5C and some spec bumps with a finger print scanner? Yawn... iOS 7 looks like a new paint job and that's all. Yawn... Apple has seriously lost its mojo! I'll wait for the iOS 7 upgrade on my phone to judge. Seriously looking at Android, at this point, for my upgrade. Had there been a bigger iPhone, I might have thought differently.
At once, I applaud this because I really want one, but a deplore that it has taken so long. I want one now, and I need to upgrade now. I don't want one next year. Apple is so far behind the curve on this one, it makes me scratch my head.
One of the biggest complaints of Android that has frustrated users was the fact that performance took a nose dive over time. Android 4.3 fixes that by, finally, adding TRIM support, which mysteriously has been absent despite the Linux kernel having TRIM support for a long time, now. I believe the user experience for Android will improve greatly now that this issue has been addressed, and that may be bad for iOS.
I think Apple could gain more marketshare if it trimmed its margins just a little bit. Love the Mac, but it is pricey. I know the quality is good, but I can spec out a gaming rig I build myself for less that will run circles around any iMac, and I know Apple pays less for their parts than I pay. However, I do concede that Apple has unique motherboards that are probably more costly to make than an ATX form factor board, and my home made PC would still be a Windows machine...
Tacky. I doubt Apple would release something this ugly.
You know, you guys can continue to defend Cook all you want, but as Apple loses marketshare, so too will it eventually lose revenue. It's time for Cook to innovate or get out.
A full couple of years after Android phones have had them... This is innovation? Seriously? Apple has had the finest camera of any phone, yet they've lagged in this technology for years, now. I just feel that more and more Apple is trading on their name more than their innovation. Cook just isn't the CEO for Apple, IMO. Apple needs a product guy, not a finance guy, to run the company. I know, I know... You Apple devoted will make any excuse up to justify his presence, as...
  There will never truly be a "post PC era". The iPad cannot replace a Mac or a PC for many tasks. It's just that we've reached a point where our hardware from 5 years ago and the OS we run from 3 years ago do just fine and people don't have a need to upgrade anytime soon. Besides, a PC isn't a must-have when the economy is in the dumps, still.
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