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Well, you do remember that Microsoft software engineer that spilled the beans on how bad things were inside, don't you?
The only innovation I can remember that ever succeeded out of Redmond, WA is the idea that we pay for a license to use software, rather than owning what's on the medium we install. After that, it was buy, borrow, steal, run the competition out of business, and exploit the virtual monopoly for Microsoft.
I'm late to this conversation, but Apple has the highest customer loyalty of any brand, period. There's no doubt they'll be successful this year and for years to come. As much crap as I give them here, I have a hard time leaving them because not only are their products damn good, but their service is just out of this world. If anything Samsung will suffer thinner margins this year and rake in smaller profits, if not a loss, on Android products. I think they just have too...
I love how Google just throws things against the wall. No one ever said that Apple is definitely releasing a watch or a game console. I bet they both fail...
  Apple isn't doomed, but Cook isn't the guy Apple needs right now, IMO. Apple needs vision and Cook seems to lack it. Admittedly, it's near impossible to follow a guy as charismatic as Steve Jobs. I wouldn't want to have to do that.
Designed by Apple in California - build by children in China. However, aren't they all? Do we really have an option? Can't really hold that against Apple, but advertising where it was designed is almost deceiving. Just about every product sold by a US company was designed in the US. Few of them are actually BUILT in the US, which, to me, is a shame.
Well, to be honest, the entire laptop market has moved away from 17" models. Just look around. There are still some out there, particularly in gaming devices, but mostly the market is looking toward a sweet spot of 13-15" models that are more portable.
I'd argue you're wrong. Back in the day, Apple was very innovative. As a matter of fact, it was too innovative, one could argue. The Newton? The Duo? Very innovative. Their problem was they didn't know how to market any of it, and some of it was a little too green for the market, in the case of the Newton.
  You just summed up the value of your opinion...
  Let's see, when a designer designs something, and the public rejects it, then the designer is a failure. Am I missing something? If a designer came into your house and did a gaudy job, in your opinion, you don't have a right to complain because you're not a design expert? Fail...
New Posts  All Forums: