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It's clear that Apple's focus is not on the Mac lineup, but on the iPhone these days. While USB 3.0 isn't immediately necessary because of a relative lack of accessories for it, it is a desirable feature. There was a time when the Mac lineup would rush out new technology. Now, it's become a follower. I think it's clear that Apple's efforts is in gadgets, and not it's Mac lineup. That's a shame...
When both AT&T and Verizon are both on the LTE network, yes! We'll all have to wait for 4G iPhones and the 4G network to be up and running in most cities, but it will work.
You actually believe CR? Many, many times, over the years, experts have blasted CR for their total lack of acceptable statistical data collection. Their opinions are to be taken with a grain of salt.
Glad I'm a big Linux user! Having an occasional ad on my iPod Touch doesn't bother me, but not on my desktop! I'm bombarded by advertisements enough, via Google, the television, radio, my iPod Touch... I don't need any more!!!
Um, 4G simply means 4th Generation. So how do you figure LTE is not 4G? From what I gather, it's better than Wimax and Sprint is calling that 4G.
What's that got to do with anything? There is still the cost, no matter how it's reported. BTW, there are often 2 sets of books in a company. One set of books uses different depreciation methods for tax purposes, to make the profit lower and, therefore, lower taxes. But, there's a second set of books that use depreciation methods that are more favorable toward the stockholders and the quarterly reports. It shows a higher profit to look good to investors. It's all perfectly...
It's no one's business how much a product actually costs to make. It's basic economic theory is that a good or service will sell for "whatever the market will bear", regardless of the cost to make the product... That's a double edged sword. With a product like the iPhone, the public is willing to pay plenty. Some products get the opposite, such as the case in the 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham, which cost $23,000 a copy to build at the time, but sold for around $13,500....
Maybe for their own self interests, but rarely for their customers.
Sadly...this is so true. I always thought the iPods and iPhones were supposed to be a gateway drug to bring users into the Mac fold. Now, I think they're slowly becoming a gadget company instead of a computer company.
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