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You know, one of my good friends has AT&T and when I talk to him, I get the same thing. I never even thought about it until I read your post. It's difficult to carry on a conversation with him sometimes.
In what universe? I have Verizon and will not, for any reason, part with them. I'd rather continue to use my iPod Touch and a normal phone than switch to AT&T. I have friends that are on all kinds of different networks: T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and even our hometown Cincinnati Bell network. They all suck compared to Verizon. Everywhere I go, even deep into the sticks in Indiana, I have signal. All the rest lose their signals, some of them even in-town. My brother has both a...
What does that have to do with anything? An Apple engineer could be on here with 166 posts and know more than you or anyone else, for that matter. That was a pretty stupid response...
They used to! I had friends when I was younger that were brutal about others not driving Chevy or whatever. Because there are so many brands these days, it's become non-existent to a degree. But when the Big 3 was in charge, yeah...there were haters of every brand. I don't understand the hatred over Apple. Many people think it's worse than Microsoft. But, Apple isn't twisting anyone's arm to use their products. They're simply making d*mn good products that people are...
There may or may not be validity to that rumor, but my contract comes up in Feb, and I'm not upgrading early until I find out definitely one way or another. I want an iPhone, and I want to stay on Verizon. I'm going to hold my breath until it happens... lol
At least MS admits Vista was a failure and complete crap. But...it's way to early to call the iPhone 4 Apple's Vista. Honestly, IF it's a defect, so what? Just pick up any Android smartphone and notice all the defects: OS with total lack of polish, plastic crap hardware, horrible touch screen, not an iPod, you call that an app market(?), battery life of a non-alkaline 9 volt... Now that's defective!
It's sad that you're so anal you had to correct him.
+1, but I seriously doubt it. Here's the upcoming flyer from Verizon for Smartphones that leaked out. Had there been a Verizon iPhone on the near horizon, it probably would be front and center on the flyer.http://www.droid-life.com/2010/07/13...2-is-official/
I'm just curious about what cost there is to Apple if they don't fix it? I mean, the tarnished public image can do major financial damage. The best course is to investigate, and if it's real, fess up and fix it, IMO. If you deny it, and it's real, you could end up doing more harm. If it's truly not real, then investigate and make a public statement about proof that it's not real, and not because Steve says it ain't so.
Now, that's funny! You put a smile on my face today...I hope they finally gave us a Power Mac with ordinary Core i7 and non ECC memory, for us power users at home that want more than an iMac. Well, I can dream, can't I?
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