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First of all, I'm not a tech-head. Second, it's just a matter of fundementally believing in letting the market sort out what's good and what isn't, not Apple. Third, there are apps, like Facebook, that simply do a much better job than the mobile and full websites on the iPhone. I'd much rather use the app than either of the other two. So, under Apple's guidelines, the Facebook app should go? It's not what I, as a consumer, want. I'm sure there are many other cases of the...
I understand Apple's stance, but with their restrictions that seem to get ever tighter on developers, I can see developers moving toward Droid. Like I said, I understand Apple's intentions, but I'd rather see an open market.
Would they have a leg to stand on, claiming that since the release of the iPod, every iAnything rips off the iPod trademark, therefore violates it? Let's be honest... Every product on the market that uses an "i" in front of it's name is ripping it off from iPod.
Apple is usually quite clever. Chances are, CDMA support might actually be there, but has to be unlocked. Usually, Apple isn't short-sighted and has actually prepared for this day back when the iPhone was originally released.
Because they're top banana and too much like Microsoft.
Only because the iPhone is limited to a single carrier... If iPhone would get Verizon, I think RIM's days would be numbered.
One thing I can say is that if you don't use AT&T, and refuse to, you have limited choices. Right now, Droid seems to be the best of those limited choices. I have friends that have been asking me about getting an iPhone or Droid and some of them simply say they can't stand AT&T, so they get the Droid. What can you say? Apple needs to do multiple carriers. As long as the top carrier has a viable alternative like Droid, it's only going to get stronger in the market. Apple...
The thing about the iPhone vs. Droid comparison is the availability of aftermarket accessories. First, there basically is none for any or the Droid phones. Second, you can get accessories for the original iPhone, still. My LG phone I got from Verizon last year is basically obsolete and I can't even get a case for it. The same fate awaits these Droid phones. The iPhone has longevity as a purchase. This is something the Droid users are missing out on.
Does it have anything to do with the fact that the average worker doesn't make much money? It's not like here in the US or Europe where people make a decent living.
Just got a Touch via the Apple Store. No wasting my gas in that traffic today... Sucks that they charged me taxes, though, but I guess since there's an Apple retail store near me, they had to? Oh well, free shipping, at least.
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