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Apple will, no doubt, be aiming at the higher end of the market. They're gonna compete against netbooks that range in price between $300 and $500. I would bet the tablet comes in at $600.
This phone's better...no wait...this one...no wait... LOL I guess they just support everything BUT the iPhone and hope that something works? Sounds pretty short-sighted to me.
Something of note, Nokia owns Qt, which KDE is based off of. I'm sure they're pursuing their own corse, as KDE has recently announced the upcoming KDE Netbook Plasma interface. I'm sure they're working on making something similar for iPhone-like smartphones. If you haven't seen KDE Netbook Plasma UI, check this out:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iULB1zE7EJE
Since the camera's are sourced elsewhere, and not designed or manufactured by Apple, how can this have merit? It's like as if Apple used Nikon cameras and they sue Apple instead of Nikon. This is ridiculous.
Are you kidding me? NeXT, owned by Steve Jobs, was bought by Apple. NeXTStep, had the dock, and it's NeXTStep that became updated, gained features from OS 9, and was renamed OS X. Therefore, by chain of ownership, Apple owns the software that originated the Dock, and thus never copied it from anyone at all. A brief history:http://lowendmac.com/orchard/05/next...r-history.html
Buahahaha... Omg! Has this user ever used the two of them and run into problems? Anything installed from the factory works well for a while. However, when Windows takes a dump, have fun! What a mess that childishly simplistic database they call a "registry" is... With Windows, you just have to reinstall it, spending countless hours reinstalling all your drivers and software. What a nightmare.
Folks, scientific data is always meant to be looked at with skepticism until it can be proven without a doubt. Unfortunately, that has not been the case for global warming. Any skepticism at all is met with ferocious name calling and black listing. The jury is still out on this, and I, personally, don't think global warming theory holds a grain of salt. Until it is proven that man-made global warming exists, we should not jump the gun to rectify something that we don't...
Okay, I'm going to violate what I said previously... Let's put something into perspective here: First, man's contribution of CO2 into the atmosphere is dwarfed by the CO2 emitted by rotting vegitation and rotting corpses. That, is dwarfed by the CO2 emitted by the oceans. There has not been one shred of single proof that absolutely points to any sort of cause and effect relationship of CO2 and the temperature of the Earth. However, there has been overwhelming evidence...
Apple is violating a principle idealism in business: Never let politics get in the way of business unless your business is in politics. I'm sure they're gonna lose a few customers over this stance.
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