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Blu-Ray, and it's DRM, should hopefully die a horrible death... Give us DRM-free content, or just go away.
The original Microsoft Explorer 3.0 mouse is universally heralded. No other mouse is as good. Even the re-released Explorer 3.0 doesn't do the original justice - they've cheapened it. Say what you want about big bad Microsoft, but they used to make the best peripherals around. It's no longer the case, as they've gone to sticker lettering on the keys, and horrible, over-featured keyboards and mice, everything wireless but doesn't work right, redesigning the key layouts, and...
First of all, this doesn't mean Apple is doing what customers want. This just means that people are tired of the alternative, and are looking elsewhere to fill their needs. The iPod has opened people's minds up to Apple, and they're looking. Apple was #1 in customer satisfaction when their market share dipped so low that people questioned why I was even bothering to use a Mac, still. Apple has always had a high customer satisfaction rating.
How about putting a full function, top of the line graphics card in there? I'm not saying a slot, but it could just as well be on the board. Have you seen the size of something like an nVidia GeForce 295 GTX? Do you even know how much heat it has to dissipate? In my homemade PC, my GeForce 275 GTX card is so big I could barely fit it in the huge Gigabyte aluminum case I have. The thin design is a limitation. It requires that you put mobile or less powerful graphics in...
They should have been investing in their network, period. You can make the argument that all these iPhone users have been dragging down their network, and it'll happen on another carrier, too. But the fact is, they should have anticipated this and made necessary changes to accommodate. However, just as they did when they were Cingular, their network lags and there are plenty of areas without coverage. It's an open market, and they should simply compete. Verizon takes...
I think the eBook reader market might get some legs once Asus jumps into the fray: http://www.engadget.com/2009/09/07/a...est-e-book-re/
Yes, open standards are good. The problem is that, as stated many times by Apple, and proven by the relatively small profit they make from it, iTunes is not designed as a profit area. Instead, it's designed to sell iPods. Now, with that in mind, why would they, then, open the iTunes store to anyone?
There are a few stations on the left side of the dial in some cities that actually still play music, and good music at that! Don't expect it on any major corporate-owned station, though...
Bingo! Apple never promised anything. Sites like this add fuel to the fire, but many times do hit on the mark. I really can't see an overwhelming use for a camera, myself. I'd loved the GPS, though, and that would have made the difference for me. I'm leaning toward the Nano, as is, and waiting on the Verizon iPhone rumors to either come to fruition or not. I'm active, so a Nano is looking good, but I won't use the camera on that, either, probably.
Would be nice to include a Sirius receiver, instead, complete with iTunes tagging and live pause. Now, THAT would be sweet and worth another $50.
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