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What part of the fact that neither Kaypro or Compaq had licenses from IBM when they made the first clones don't you understand?
Okay, so Pystar makes computers that are 100% Mac OS X compliant. Why does that make them crooks? The parts are open and freely used on PC's running Windows... Folks, if Pystar would win, we all win. It creates competiton, and therefore better products and lower prices. That's capitalism. Hoping Apple wins out is a vote for higher prices, less choice, and whatever Apple feels we deserve to get from them. In other words, you, the consumer, loses.
Probably because their market is limited to Mac Pro only, which is a small percentage of an already small market. Therefore, it's not exactly high on their list of things to do. It's not as if they're ignoring the Mac market, but they certainly could do a better job. I say they both Open Source their drivers, just as AMD/ATi already has for Linux.
I thought the majority of "bugs" were in Redmond, WA... Anyway, one thing to notice: Yeah, Leopard came out with a few bugs, but see how fast Apple's on the fixes? I know people get a little anxious, but think about the poor souls waiting on Vista SP1... It hasn't even been 6 months and lots of stuff fixed and updated.
No, Apple used to use completely proprietary technology like NuBus cards, ADB, etc. that caused such high prices. When they switched to USB, Firewire, and PCI, the cost of the technology came down considerably. Now, the use of the open x86 platform has further reduced cost, all thanks to mass production of such technologies. Even after the switch to more affordable technology, Apple still commands a premium. Price a nice 24" iMac and compare what you could get from...
Folks, I've been around Macs for a long time. In the past, Apple's quality was unquestionable. There was simply nothing like the attention to detail that put into the smallest of things like the key action on your keyboard. Now, it's evident that Apple has been cutting corners. Everytime you see a teardown of a new product, you see obvious cost saving measures. This was never the Apple way. So, what if the iMac is the bottom of the line? So those that don't like moving...
Forget all that! Like Tim Allen used to say, "More Power!"
Well, even back before the first iMac, Apple's products still looked much better than the generic PC's. I don't think that will end anytime soon, as Apple has always had an eye for being aesthetically pleasing. They've just turned things up a few notches since Jobs' return. Consumer's lack of knowledge of anything technical is what held AMD back. They had superior processors, yet the only thing average consumers looked at was MHz. Too bad... Most buyers simply do not seem...
It reminds me of the days of the Performas. I think they feel as if they had too many products, it will be confusing to consumers and more expensive for them to maintain. However, replacing the Mini wouldn't be an extra product, and they could/should keep it to one offering with a few options. The average PC buyer can get some pretty serious hardware for $1000. That's what they're used to - the Sunday ad in Best Buy or Circuit City... This is why Mac's have the reputation...
Whether we get to see it or not, you just made my point. People want it. The demand is there. Where there is demand, hopefully Apple will be smart enough to fill that demand. They have a very good position to take a nice bite out of Redmond right now and they should seize it in any way they can. The time is ripe.
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