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3) He's suggesting that Steve Jobs was about innovation and product. If you build it they will come. Tim Cook is about revenue and profit and looks to exploit already existing technologies to improve Apple's income statement.   4) He's suggesting that Steve Jobs ran the company. Tim Cook is a puppet of the shareholders.
I guess you can't handle the truth?
People, I think this refers to, so called, "phablets". I think Asus and Samsung have been throwing things against the wall to see what sticks. At some point, it will be obvious what sticks and what doesn't, and that's, now, what they're going to aim their product portfolio towards. The current Samsung Galaxy S3/4 size is very popular. There is a market for larger phones, but not a large enough market for ridiculously large phones. After all, it still needs to fit...
A smaller less featured phone? Nah... I think that's the opposite of the market direction. The market wants more. It wants as much crammed into a phone as possible. If anything, Apple should release a bigger iPhone for those of us that need reading glasses and the current model is hard to read, at times. Keep the aspect ratio the same, and just use bigger pixels. I'd be all over that. And, I'm sorry, but I love my iPhone's glass and aluminum. Plastic phones feel cheap and...
I also think that Apple needs to stop clipping the new features for older phones. Is there a reason my iPhone 4 didn't get the panorama option in the camera app with iOS 6? This is only slightly better than getting no OS updates at all. With constant OS upgrades, my phone is only slightly better off from the day I purchased it, but it's gotten much slower in the process.
Or better put, how much market share would they avoid losing? I'm an iPhone user that's contemplating moving to Android for a bigger phone. It's not that iOS is really that much better than Android these days, and even though Apple gives us updates, older phones generally don't get new features, so the lack of updates on Android debate is moot. I'll give it until the next iPhone is released to make my decision.
I think this just shows that Apple's success made Johnson, and not the other way around. You just can't argue with a 25% drop in sales under his tenure. He clearly screwed up. It doesn't matter if it was because the no coupon thing before the remodel or whatever other reason it's bleeding. It's clearly is a lack of execution.
          Except that Ferraris aren't superior products. They're just expensive, not better. Motorweek said the 458 Italia was the first Ferrari they've ever tested that didn't have interior bits falling off during the test and fit and finish problems abound. That's superior? Ford GT had no such problems and outran the Ferrari 430, which was its competition at the time, for less money. Besides, they're not practical at all. But I digress...   I will say that despite my...
I think we're approaching the saturation point for these products. How much more revolutionary can they get? The market is about to split into the quest for premium products, no doubt owned by Apple, and the lowest cost provider, no doubt owned by Samsung. I don't see any features that will set the world on fire suddenly hitting the market for these devices.
Personally, I think the Macbook Air and the iPad did it in. The Air is for people who really want a functional computer, whereas the iPad is for those that really just wanted something cheap to get on the internet with. Netbooks were too underpowered to be good at anything, really. Then, right in the middle of their popularity, Intel and Microsoft decided that they wanted to restrict netbooks to stop cannibalization into real laptops. That didn't help them, either.
New Posts  All Forums: