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Prove me wrong! I posted evidence of fingerprint scanners that can easily be bypassed. What do you have? It's long been a problem with biometric security devices. So where is your evidence? Either put up or crawl back under the rock from which you came... Just because you mouth off like a spoiled little 8 year old doesn't make you right. Do you even look stuff up and find out the real truth? Or do you think that just because you claim something is wrong it makes it so?...
It better be the mother of all fingerprint readers because they have a poor showing in the past as security products, as has all biometrics.http://www.zdnet.com/sweet-bypass-for-student-finger-scanner-1339306878/
No, Apple could offer them through the App Store and approve of them. I understand that extreme themes are bad...very bad. I shudder when looking at some of those Windows Blinds themes. However, with Apple approved themes one could run with an opaque look, a translucent look, flat icons, marble icons, realistic icons, and whatever, while still being tasteful. I was looking at some themes on Android and some of them look really nice. There is an Oxygen theme, based on KDE...
Apple could just make everyone happy and make iOS theme-able. Then you could choose a flat look, the current look, or even a dark look, or whatever. I don't get why Apple holds the user hostage in the personalization department. Things can be theme-able without ruining consistency and nature of the UI.
It's too bad their coverage sucks or I'd leave Verizon behind.
That's the difference when people stand in line for your product to go on sale and when people don't. Then there is the argument of the quality of Apple devices. When you can count on them working for a long time, that adds value.
I agree that Apple products are superior, but they are gaining. They are gaining in features and in innovation. Apple under a healthy Steve Jobs was an innovative company, looking to conquer the world. Currently, we hope for a couple new features a year and a speed bump on every Apple product, basically. Something needs to change.
Nice, but it's only available on the LG, and not Android, itself. What if everything else about that phone isn't for me? Not goint to buy it just for that panarama feature.
If Apple adds gaming to the AppleTV and games via the App Store, Sony's dead in the water...
How about "iWork More", instead?
New Posts  All Forums: