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As a Linux user, and future Mac user, I hope Ballmer keeps running the company for a long time to come...
Buahahahahaha! For all but a few people who need Office for it's in-depth feature set, Office is unnecessary for 90% of the people that have it.
Yep, and if Apple launched an open standard, and kept control instead of allowing the carriers to get control of it, it would probably be adopted by the other handset makers and be an industry standard that works well.
Except that the rumor is the same resolution, only bigger, as the iPhone 5, which makes your argument null and void. At least read the article before you spew nonsense, ok?
So, if they made one the same size, and a larger one for people like me, why would you care? Why do you hope they don't make a larger one, if you can still get the small one? This is just idiotic... It's like saying I wish Panasonic only made the 42" size TV I buy. As long as I can buy a 42", why would I care if they make a 47", a 50", or a 55"? This is about as dumb a statement anyone could make! So, you think they should make the one size and leave everyone else out...
The biggest draw of iOS, IMO, is that some apps are still just more robust on iOS. Some developers have Android apps, but their not near what they offer on iOS. For instance, I play guitar, and AmpliTube is something I'm considering adding to my arsenal, and it isn't even available on the Android system. Other than that, I'd seriously consider a Nexus phone because, yes widgets are fun and useful, otherwise you wouldn't have them on you OSX dashboard, and Google Maps with...
Which is why I say the Mac is a niche product. The Mac has about 6.4 percent of the market for consumer use.   http://www.netmarketshare.com/operating-system-market-share.aspx?qprid=10&qpcustomd=0
You keep saying it, but providing no proof. The Mac is a niche player, period. It's a great computer, but it's not for everyone, and the market mostly has dismissed it, thus far. I love the Mac, but lets get real here. It's only a few percentage points above Linux in the market, and if you factor in enterprise usage, it gets waxed by Linux. It's a niche player, period.
No, GM stopped responding the the demands of the market. They began producing cars people didn't want to buy. They were being eaten alive by their competition. GM had long been making a car for everyone, even when it was doing good. There were Novas for cheap transportation to Corvettes and Cadillacs and everything in between. They got caught up in bean counting, and the days where a Cadillac was substantially differentiated from a Chevy were long gone. They were badge...
Most of those were because Apple wasn't on their chosen provider. Let's face it, had Verizon not launched the "Droid" campaign, Android wouldn't be where it is. They only did that because the didn't carry the iPhone and needed to compete within the space. Android had been around for sometime before the campaign, but mostly ignored. That all changed when the commercials hit the air with that now famous "droid" sound.
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