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Exactly, including me. I love my iPhone, but I want a bigger screen. I see this as a lost opportunity for Apple if they don't do something like this.
You miss the fact that he's not alone. There are others out there the feel the same. There are Android users that would be iPhone users if they had the option. Glad you're not running a company because you are completely closed off to other ideas. That doesn't work very well too long in business.
Yeah, that was the reason for their demise... They still make Suburbans. Dumb answer.
No troll at all. You're just someone that lives, breathes, and craps everything Apple and believes it cannot do anything wrong - the hypnotized... That's exactly what makes companies make bad decisions - when they no longer have anyone telling them their ideas aren't perfect. Like I said, I've seen all the ups and downs. I've owned Macs when everyone thought it would just go the way of the dinosaur. I sure hope Apple doesn't begin another tailspin. If they miss market...
And that's why it's popular and legal to install custom ROMs like Cyanogenmod when the phone starts to age. Not an elegant solution, but it works for many of them. Then there's the Nexus route, which is mostly like the iPhone, except its not available on all carriers.
Hey buddy, GM once had 60% marketshare and was the most profitable car company in the world. Where are they now?
Funny, given the marketshare outside US, the market seems to disagree with you. Android now pummels the iPhone in worldwide marketshare.
Don't need a citation. I was waging a bet, not asserting a fact.   Then explain to me how the iPod won out? It wasn't the cheapest. Certainly products from Sandisk and others were cheaper.   No, I don't. I think it was so stupid, it didn't require a rebuttal.
Stay in denial all you want...
Why, because it isn't YOUR argument? That was so dumb, I have no idea why you bothered...
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