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Hmmmm...I guess NYC is not that far from Del. Might be worth taking a trip down to Del. In my hybrid to make it really worth it.
...thank you, Wizard!!
Where can we get the 10.8.1 beta? ..or can we...?....Ty.
....so 10.8.1 is not available to the public yet, then?
Your kiddin'...right??!!!!!!!!
Hes a windows phone user who was dig to try his wife's iPhone on launch date of 4S - and Siri didn't work once,,,,,or,,,,he doesn't play guitar in a [rock] band....
Preordered at 5 on Wednesday. Got a tracking no. thurs. nite. Called FEDEX yesterday because it says unit is in "MIDDLETOWN, PA", and is to be overnighted". I told them I live in NYC, and i should get it on Mon. or Tue. He then put a directive note in my order to release it for delivery on Mon. Should i be holding my breath all day Monday till 3pm, instead of friday??? Thx folks.
Thank you. I will be patient, then....
I can't find and edit my pages docs on my mba...only on my iPad & iPhone...what gives??? thx
fri., pls.....im off!
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