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I THINK I WILL RETURN MY IPHONE4 [i have 4 more days]. I will then just wait for the white to come out and use a $7 AT&T cheapie phone and my ipad to get by ......glad i subscribe/read this post!!1 Thx!
$10 PER month.........rev.....my arss is right!!!! No Hulu fior meeeuuu!
You mean to tell me that " iOS 4" is not coming til Nov., or, iAds are not coming for the iPad till Nov.? And boy it would be great to have Garage Band on the iPad (I thought it did - bummed to find its not). Oh well, I will get the 16gb 3G iPad (just to get a taste), and sell quickly in April, right before iPad2!
oooooooo boy... i hope you are so right. Supposed to be getting an iPad next week....along with an iP4.
I was told i could start calling to on Wed. to reserve an iP4 for any day past the 24th. But, I dont think she was right, tho.
What is queue? I will let you know....i gotta return this white 3GS....they gave me a black 16g 3GS to replace my non working one. Then i can pre order, after i roll back my contract to a few days ago before i bought the 32g 3GS (one 'Genius' told me i can only buy a new one as an option!!;-[) I will ask at the apple store what up with white....a guy preordered his iP4 on the App Ret. App!
I think i would want a white...i have been trying out a white 3GS for a week.... i may like the white iP4...blows that it wont be ready. I think Apple didnt think that people would like them so much. Now that the phone is a full white phone it sorta looks cool. Yes, i am a man...but i dont have to go to business meetings, so i am safe. ;-] Wish Jobs wpuld say you can have your choice on the 24th soon.
I was told yesterday that i can just got to an Apple store and reserve a iP4 and it will be waiting for me (at that store), on the 24th. No???????
Finally teth is comin'! iPhone meet PB G4(hope it's close to free?).
New Posts  All Forums: