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The Gizmo iPhone, withe squared off edges looks gorgeous!
The voice over is for the shuffle, I hope? Ty.
Should I wait till the bugs are out first....hmmm....
Crop.....& Rotate sold me.....time to try it out.
I did what a guy said....2 full drains....turn off 3G and turn off phone....then turn back on phone and leave 3G off for a day. I have 60% at 3:19 with 3G on(other stuff off tho)...not bad...back to normal. Can't wait for update on friday.
After 3.1= battery horrible. gonna restore as new morra.
how about the... copy & damn paste?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Nikon D3 hasn't matched the 40D when it comes to noise suppression.
there is no comparison in the noise dept. from the 5D to the 40D... try one if you get a chance. No buffer problems either. I hope it is March and less than $3k.
if you want your 5D to be as close to Canon 1DsMarkIII - get a 40D (sold my 5D to get it and saved$$) Do i get the touch....which i was waiting for the calendar feature to occur......or... do i wait for the Newton in Jan/Feb/Mar?
New Posts  All Forums: