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"CAD work", eh? Who's going to write the touch friendly CAD software? One thing these discussions always seem to ignore is how hard it is to translate desktop productivity mouse and keyboard based software to touch. Some folks act like it's enough to provide horse power (at whatever cost to battery life), but Microsoft's sorry track record with "touch sort of" devices suggest no one really wants that.I also hear that MS is going to run away with this market because...
So.... you live in some kind of fantasy world where Apple is falling behind, losing sales, and generally being eclipsed by competitors? Interesting. Good luck with that.
Well, that's certainly one take. Delusional, but a take nonetheless.
Uh oh. Tag team spammers.
Yeah, you say that all the time (about me and anyone else that doesn't share your Samsung fixation) but it isn't true. Note that you post little but Samsung ad copy on an Apple enthusiast site, suggesting that you're not just a fangirl but unduly concerned about people saying mean things about your favorite company. Whereas I am interested in discussing products I use with other people who also use these products. When Apple fucks up I complain (feel free to do a...
"One of the reasons" as in "a broad portfolio of specific instances of trade dress copying, all of which were used in toto to build a case." Casually throwing out "Apple sues people for rounded rectangles" is one of those brain dead internet memes that lazy people use as shorthand for "Apple sux."
Everything we know about Liquidmetal is based on a small company's limited production. Given that Apple has signed a deal with that company, I would think that economics of scale, profits and R&D all take a sharp uptick, suggesting that cost and potential applications aren't necessarily what we think they are. And given that it's Apple, we can be pretty sure that we won't hear anything about that till a product is shipping. What was "very expensive" when used in tiny...
Give it a rest, asshole.
The pictured yacht has nothing to do with Jobs. It's "Breathe", a concept that Feadship did for the Monaco Yacht show. Stark has done designs for Feadship, Feadship is building Jobs' yacht, so there you go. I'm assuming AI just wanted an illustration of something from the relevant ship company, but it would have been nice if they had made it clearer that it wasn't actually what Stark is designing.
I'll be very interested to see how Office for RT actually functions.
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