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From an interview with Holman:To be fair, I've heard several versions of the THX provenance myself, including that it means nothing at all and the "Tom Holman" was retconned from THX1138. The Lucas people seem to take some perverse delight in changing it up (I guess ala the "keep 'em guessing" strategy above).But the story does seem to have settled on crossover, something I've heard from people at Skywalker Ranch.
Which I agree with and why I'm excited by this hire-- it suggests that Apple intents to take sound more seriously.
Right, so they hired Holman just for the hell of it? Apple can't sort out where the shortcomings in audio quality are? Holman doesn't know software? THX certification is on any number of consumer audio and video devices, it's not just "equipment" but rather a set of standards and specs (including, yes, software). If Holman does nothing but apply THX type standards to Apple's audio efforts there will be a huge increase in quality across the board. I'm not even sure...
But THX is enabled by a great deal of top notch engineering, equalization and system quality control. To ask if this will lead better audio in Apple products is a tad moronic, with all due respect. Did you expect the man to arrive at Apple and go "Oh, wait, iPods? I only know how to do surround sound in theaters, sorry, I guess I'll quit."
You don't hire Tomlinson Holman to enable "marketing gimmickry." He's a supremely talented hardware/software/audio guy, one of the best in the business. Honestly, they couldn't have gotten a more seminal talent if they had hired Ray Dolby himself.I'm excited by this news-- audio quality doesn't seem to have been a high priority with Apple as of late, having defaulted to "good enough" for their various portable devices. A big upgrade across the board on that count, from...
Good lord, have you been saving that up?
Gaaah..... spam link asshole.
I remember when the iPhone came out, and it started to build market share, there were a lot of heated posts about the relative viability of Nokia, RIM and MS. The argument was generally that all of those devices "already did" most of the what the iPhone could do, albeit in a bare bones way (which was good, since Apple was obviously just selling "eye candy" for stupid people), and that the iPhone was just a drop in the bucket compared to the vast installed base and...
If you imagine that the scientific consensus on climate change is founded on "forged data" there is literally nothing anyone can say to you to change your mind. As has been observed elsewhere, you can't use rational argument to dissuade opinions that were arrived at by something other than rational means.
As Prof. Peabody says, not a a competing product.
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